17 Powerful Habits to “Think Positively”

With so many negative based events going on in the world, not to mention our own challenges, it can be easy to spiral into negative focused thinking. Unfortunately, negative focused thinking can keep you stuck. To counter the barrage of negativity, it’s really important to master being able to think positively.

Here are some ways to incorporate positive thinking to improve your quality of life. A side benefit is that your positive energy can have a significant and motivating effect on everybody around you.

1. Start The Day The Right Way-Think Positively.

How you start your day will significantly influence the rest of your day. How your day transpires will initially be affected from the moment you awaken. What you focus on when you wake up, be it positive or negative, will set a mood for your morning and possibly your whole day.

It will help you a great deal if you can get into a habit of welcoming each new day with positive energy and high spirits. I can, I will are great words to incorporate into your life.

Once you make this a habit, you will find that your overall mindset will work in your favor. In the least case, even if you don’t get everything you want, you’ll be a lot happier. You don’t want the rest of the day to get ruined, do you? Come on, smile! It doesn’t cost anything but is worth everything.

2) Organize Your Day to Minimize Surprises.

Make sure your daily goals are clearly defined and written out. This way, it is easy for your subconscious mind to understand what you’ve got planned. He passes to do this night before, but you can also do it first thing in the morning to start your day organized. Make sure you check off and acknowledge what you have accomplished.

3) Focus on Your Priorities.

After setting your goals:

  1. Prioritize what you need/want to do.
  2. Spend a few minutes and visualize accomplishing what you want done.
  3. Develop a strategy for dealing with problems that allow you to stay calm and grounded.
  4. Make sure that you relax and enjoy life during the day.
  5. Take a few minutes to acknowledge your accomplishments.

4) Be Detached From The Outcome.

Most days won’t go as planned as the unexpected will usually pop up. Stay open to possibilities that you were expecting and learn to roll with the punches. At the same time, do your best in everything you do.

5) Utilize a Growth Mindset.

By adopting a growth mindset, you’ll understand that setbacks are merely new opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with obstacles or having to change routines. Look for possibilities in anything that pops up. 

Identifying new ways to do things can help you expand your possibilities, create more options for a project, meet new people from different places, and ask lots of questions. Through this focus on possibilities, your thinking targets improvement and quickly eradicates negative thoughts. 

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6) Ask For Guidance.

Whether you’re spiritual or not, it can help to ask for silent guidance from whichever source works for you. And then be open to what shows up in your life over the day.

7) Balance your desires.

We can never have all the good things in life simultaneously. We live in a world of opposites and duality where both pleasure and pain are gained and lost, light and dark, male and female, love and hate. 

This duality is how the cycle of life moves along. In love, there will always be someone who gets hurt. There will always be people who will not be fortunate enough while others have abundant wealth. 

Measure and moderation is the primary key.

8) Keep Track Of Your Mental And Physical Health.

Without your physical, mental health, you will not accomplish much. It would be best if you kept on top of your health, all aspects.

Know yourself. Remember, you are your best judge for how you are, as no one else knows you as you do! Be conscious of your body and thinking processes and do everything you can to support their well-being. 

Also, understand what you’re passionate about, what you enjoy doing, and what you deem to be important to you, which falls within your principles. It can help if you take quality time by yourself.– Read a good book, listen to music, exercise, get out in nature. If you know yourself thoroughly, you will learn how far you can go physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’ll also know when something’s wrong, and you can take appropriate action.

9) Practice Self-Love

How can you expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself! Before you hope other people will love and adore you, you need to start the process by being self-loving! 

Commit to yourself, learning, growth, being around people who love and respect you, giving back to your world, and making a difference in his many people’s lives that you can. Make sure you love yourself as much as you can love others! When you love yourself more, it will change your state of being, and you feel more confident and optimistic.

10) Have Fun

Enjoy. Have fun. Take in all the joy life offers you, especially the lovely little things! There’s a great saying that “Laughter is the best medicine,” and it sure beats being in a lousy mood throughout your day! 

No matter what’s going on in your life, even if you’re not feeling well, a few laughs and giggles can help you discard unnecessary mental baggage such as negative thinking, resentment, anxiety, or disappointments.

11) Make A Habit of Associating With Positive People.

There is a saying that says our success in life directly results from the five people we surround ourselves with in our lives. Please make sure you surround yourself with positive and supportive people who will have your back when you need it the most and encourage you to move forward with your life. Wherever you can, work with optimistic people that can support you to have a positive viewpoint. 

Remember that the more positive you become, the more you will attract positivity to yourself! After all, the more fun you are, the more people will want to be around you! Associate with optimistic and fun-loving people and have a great time. If this is not your life right now, check out places like Meetup.com and join groups that resonate with you. This can help you build your self-confidence and self-esteem.

12) Commit To Perpetual Learning and Self-Improvement.

As the world around you is also changing, it will help you a great deal if you do the same. Remember, there’s a ton of information out there that can support you in raising your quality of life and making your life more enjoyable. Start today, Choose to read an inspiring book vs. watch TV, go for a walk instead of sitting on social media, etc. 

With more knowledge, it will open your world to more possibilities.

13) Be Open To Change(s).

Adopt a belief that anything is possible! 

One only has to look at the last couple of years with a worldwide pandemic and then Russian invading Ukraine. You never know what the world is going to entail for you. 

Also, you don’t know everything, and the unexpected can pop up. Always keep your mind open to new ideas and possibilities that show up. Turn the word “yes” into your best friend! Your mind has lots of capacity for new information, and isn’t it time to learn something new so that you can adapt to a changing world? 

14) Learn to Believe in Others.

There are considerable benefits to learning to trust others. When you believe in others and become confident in their abilities, you can let go of any judgment and possibilities. It can also take off the pressure for you to do everything. 

A fantastic by-product is that this will help you improve your relationships with yourself and the people you work with or meet as you go about creating a great life. 

15) Learn To Forgive and Let Go.

Your judgments and failures can become a root cause of negative thinking if you let them. A lack of forgiveness can negatively affect your mood and progress.

If you learn to let go of all pain, rejection, and fear, you can stay calm and come from a place of love and caring! Forgiving and letting go of judgment helps keep your heart and mind open and see the good in people you may have missed due to your inability to forgive.

The most important thing is to constantly forgive yourself for your shortcomings and mistakes in living your life. Remember your mistakes can be your most significant teachers!

16) Learn From Experiences.

Learning inside the classroom is different from learning outside it. In school, one learns the materials before taking an exam, whereas, in real life, one takes the test first before learning the lesson. This test in real life is our experiences. If we do not pass that test i.e., we study the situation and learn the lesson. From here, we can avoid committing the same mistake twice.

17) Practice Gratitude and Make It Part of Your Life

Incorporate a process of gratitude into your life. Think of things you’re grateful for throughout the day, especially before you go to bed, and make this into a daily habit! 

You can use a notebook if it helps. Write down ten things you’re grateful for every night before you go to sleep. Focus on what you have that has a positive effect on your life. Be thankful and appreciative of all the blessings you receive, especially the little things.


Every day can be a challenge, especially if you have the wrong mindset or focus on life’s challenges.

What will make the most significant difference in your quality of life and whether you are positive or negative is yourself. Remember, how you see your world will affect virtually everything you do and experience.

One thing that can make a huge difference in your life is approaching each day from a positive state of mind. If you can foster a habit of looking for the good, you help your life be easier and more joyful no matter what occurs.

Like anything, being positive is merely a habit, one that you can learn and master. The great news is that the benefits of taking on a positive mindset far outweigh other options. It’s better on your health, energy, success, relationships, and virtually every aspect of your life.

Make it a habit to take on a daily gratitude process and release any tension and judgments from the day. Affirm that tomorrow is going to be amazing and productive. Let go of anything negativity that happened during the day, forgive anyone or anything that caused you to get upset, and release it from your mind and body!

You will sleep more soundly once all this tension is released. As a new day unfolds in the morning, start the day full of hope and positive energy. Remember to focus on what you want to create and be joyous for being alive! 

Be grateful for the beautiful people in your life!

Now get out there and

create a positive and fantastic life!