Is It Time to Give your life a Major Upgrade?

Is it time to create a new life?

“” was created when two boomers were griping about the size of their … pensions, and how hard it is to find work as an experienced (aka older) person – heck these days at any age.

With all of the hype on starting an online business, we started the process of looking at options. (See our blog on 10 ways to make money online) which was the result of our research.

Unfortunately, we found ourselves going around and around, sucked into the vortex of perpetual “gurus” touting the newest idea on how to make money online

Thousands of dollars later and more course than we care to admit, sadly we really weren’t a lot further along our desired path to add to our pensions. There were just so many pitfalls and holes to fall into.

All of this was in spite of the fact that we both have long business histories involving tech and finance.

What we came away with was a burning desire to help others to avoid all of the pitfalls that we went through. It wasn’t easy to completely change direction and we want to help others be successful after 40, and we are here to help. We look into opportunities to help people upgrade their lives, no matter what age, be it starting a new business, but equally important, overcoming anything in your way of being successful. This can include stepping past old conditioning in order to start a new and productive life.

Topics could include self-development, creating additional income, personal change, what holds us back – anything that can keep us stuck from being all we can be.

On a personal side, we have been researching many things and have loads of experience, some that have been difficult, but many that have been empowering and life-altering.

Making changes can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to change and why.

and the opportunities it offers, from drop shipping to Amazon FBA, from Affiliate marketing to digital publishing and we decided to put our research into action and give it a try.

We also decided to write about the journey, and share our experiences, so that it might help others thinking of doing the same thing.

New way

Pete and Paul