Welcome to attainmindset.com.

Our goal for attainmindset.com is to help you to overcome anything stopping you from having the life of your dreams.

Sometimes making the changes you want may seem impossible. Many times the obstacles to change will become apparent with a bit of digging.

An obstacle can be an old belief that you picked up when you were three years old, or an unhealed wound that requires you to heal and transform these old thoughts and emotions. A great place to start is looking at your own beliefs, were did you get them, and are they actually true.

Maybe it’s time for a change, to see life differently, or take up meditation and gratitude practice.

About Us

My name is Paul.

I assembled Attainmindset.com with the help of my long-term friend Peter to help you achieve whatever you want to create in your life. I have over 30 years of experience in the “Self’Help” – Personal Development Market. I am a Master Practioner in NLP and a hypnotherapist.

Peter and I are currently in our 60s and are very active in helping others. Peter and I have a wealth of life experiences, complete with successes and failures, or what I like to call “learning experiences.”

We are well-traveled and have considerable life and business experience, from starting and operating businesses, having employees, to raising large amounts of money.

Learning can Come in Many forms

Some of the programs I’ve participated in, in addition to those listed above, include “Context Trainings,” the “Forum,” Tony Robbins, John Gray, Silva Mind Control, Mindpower, Fire-walking, Meditation & Ayahuasca.

I am also an avid reader and am currently reading the powerful works of Dr. Gary Flint, whose materials are the foundation for THE Map Coaching Institute.

I continually search for new modalities to assist you in changing and self-improvement.

We are all on this life journey together, and right now, we sure need to learn to help each other.

I welcome hearing any of your thoughts and ideas.

Paul Groat