How to Use Hypnosis to Change Old beliefs

The Power of Your Mind is Truly Remarkable! Your mind is extraordinary! It can help you step past limitations if you have the know-how! The grey matter between your ears can be the difference between a great life and a life of mediocrity. If you know how to use your mind to the best of […]

17 Powerful Habits to “Think Positively”

With so many negative based events going on in the world, not to mention our own challenges, it can be easy to spiral into negative focused thinking. Unfortunately, negative focused thinking can keep you stuck. To counter the barrage of negativity, it’s really important to master being able to think positively.

Fixed Mindset, Growth Mindset, WHAT?

Do you have a strong, action mindset needed to create the life of your dreams? Do you have a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset? Do you know the differences and which one is more prone to success?

How to Overcome Procrastination (10 ways)

It is great to have goals that you want to achieve in your life. But do you set great goals and then find yourself surfing social media, playing video games, etc. Is it time to overcome whatever is causing you to avoid what you want to create in your life? Procrastination, and avoiding what we […]

How to Break Bad Habits And Create An Amazing Life

A habit is defined as a routine behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. We all have habits. In fact, most of us have lots of them. Maybe it’s eating the same foods, sleeping on the same side of the bed, driving the same way to work, being the same way in […]

Why You Need to Stop Your Negative Selftalk

Do you ever listen to yourself – Do you ever listen to the things that you’re saying . either to your verbal or even your unspoken internal thoughts, those things you focus on, often unconsciously? Do you notice their focus, are they positive or negative? As I’m sure you know, your brain is in constant […]

Why you need to Improve Your Relationship Skills! 

The Numbers tell it all!!!. It takes only a glance at the divorce rates, which in North America are about 50% for first marriages and worse for second and third marriages, to realize that we humans are not particularly good at intimate relationships. In fact, most people could benefit by improving their relationships skills. People […]

11 Great Habits to Help You Achieve Success!

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.”  —Frank Lloyd Wright. Most people want to have a wonderful life. After all, it sure beats a life of mediocrity. If we only have one life, why not make it all it can be! […]

How to Overcome Procrastination!

We often have goals that we have promised ourselves that we will attack vigorously. We’ll have excellent plans, yet we do everything but take action. For reasons that we can’t fathom, we never seem to get around to doing that thing that we had promised ourselves we would accomplish. Even worse is that this can […]