How I Used My Subconscious Mind to Overcome illness – TWICE

My Own Personal Discovery of The Power of the Subconscious Mind

The amazing power of our Subconscious Minds

In this post, I’m going to share how I used my subconscious mind to overcome disease – twice and have subsequently used it to make major and powerful changes in my life.

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I remember the event like yesterday, even though it was likely over 20 years ago.

It was a Friday afternoon at about 530 when the doctor broke the news. I immediately went into shock as I sure wasn’t expecting something like this. 

Needless to say, I was pretty stressed out, and it was not a very fun weekend. After raising my head from my initial depression, I looked for answers. Basically, my survival instinct kicked in, and a part of me just wanted to live. I especially wanted to have a better quality of life than what was I was hearing about.

As most people likely would, I started going to the large agencies, like the MS Society, searching for answers. I read a lot of their materials, and yes, there is a lot of good data there. They explained the disease, its expectations and prognosis, offered suggestions on things to try to do and what to expect. After getting off their website, I can’t say I was particularly moved one way or another.

I guess it was almost like the diagnosis, except it didn’t work for me. I wanted something more!

How I Overcame Disease   

I started searching randomly for information online that was different from the traditional formats. In the process, I realized that I was really looking for ways to overcome MS. 

 I found several forums with people sharing stories of how they overcame MS, and that was all I needed. Initially, I believed that most of the value came from people’s stories about changing their health by altering their diet and lifestyle. In hindsight, I realized it was a lot more than that. My mind went from facing an inevitable ending to one of possibility.

The Power of The Mind Shift Change

When I shifted my mind from the process of an inevitable ending to people sharing stories of how they turned around the diagnosis, it completely changed the way I saw the world.

All of a sudden, there was a lot more possibility. I could look for many more options than just the information I had read on the MS Society webpage.  

 It’s so imperative to understand what an important piece our minds play in creating our reality and helping us to be able to make the changes we want!

So I did what the other people did: changed my diet and lifestyle. I am positive that that contributed to my changes. Yet, as a result of the mind shift change, I ended up doing more. I tried additional alternative therapies, such as Chelation, a raw diet etc.  Basically, I was open to trying anything.

How I Incorporated My Subconscious Mind

Unconsciously I wanted to include my subconscious mind in the process. First, I researched MS and what the disease entailed. In simple terms, our nerves are like electrical cords. Electrical cords have wires surrounded by plastic. The plastic coating stops the wires from crossing and shorting out.

With MS, basically, the equivalent of the plastic sheathing, known as the myelin, starts getting eaten away. Eventually, your nerves shorten out, and the electrical current that drives your muscles, etc., is no longer intact.

Visualizing Myself to Health

With this simple metaphor in mind, every night when I went to bed, I started to visualize a different outcome. First, I would picture whatever was attacking the myelin sheath being defeated. An army of good guys would come in and attack whatever was attacking the myelin. I would visualize victory overcoming any devastation that has been created.

Next, I would visualize the myelin sheathing rebuilding itself and would see the myelin sheathing restored to its original state resulting in the proper functioning of the nerves. I did this every morning and night for weeks or months on end!

The bottom line: The incidents of MS symptoms stopped and I attribute some of this to the fact that I got my subconscious mind on board with the healing process. 

Round Two – Next Disease

Several years later, I was diagnosed with a serious inflammation disease, specifically Paul Polyarteritis nodosa. Polyarteritis nodosa is a rare disease resulting from vasculitis or blood vessel inflammation. Symptoms are wide-ranging because many different organ systems may be involved.

For me, my version referred to multiple aneurysms in the veins in my stomach. I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time. I simply or effectively engaged my subconscious mind in the healing process. But I never forgot what happened, and it’s always intrigued me.

I went back to the same process and got my subconscious mind involved through visualization. Here I was back to seeing the army, no my army, attacking the culprits. Once again, I was fairly quickly back to being symptom-free

I didn’t realize what I was doing time. I had unknowingly or effectively engaged my subconscious mind in the healing process. But, I never forgot what happened, and it’s always intrigued me.

Understanding The Power of Your Mind

We always hear stories about how we only use a small fraction of our brains. 

Well, yes, I believe that there’s definitely room for improvement. I also think that there is a way more critical issue. Even with what we do have, few people understand or know how to use their own brains to their own advantage. 

I have always found it sad that we get taught what to think but not how to think. In other words, we don’t get taught how to use our brain, any of it. This includes both the conscious mind, but equally important, the subconscious mind.

The Importance of The Subconscious Mind

I understand why there is a focus on using our conscious mind capacity. But what about the other 90% – our subconscious mind? Why do we not have the same excitement about using the behind-the-scenes portion of our brains? 

After all, our subconscious minds do so many things in the background, yet we take it for granted for the most part. How could we even survive if we used our conscious processes to do what the subconscious mind does behind the scenes? 

How could we survive if it wasn’t for our subconscious minds? It keeps us breathing, our blood flowing, fight off disease, keep all of our organs renting, help us heal, etc.

We don’t get taught how to interface our conscious mind or unconscious mind. As a result, most people have no idea how the two interact and what is really possible for us. Additionally, few people understand how to program our subconscious minds ourselves or, more importantly, understand that we are actually doing it all the time.

Programming Your Subconscious Mind

I have come to look at our subconscious mind like an obedient servant. I believe that what we speak and think is very important as our subconscious mind also hears everything we say. This is especially important with what we repeat, as it will try to give us this result.  

This is a good article on reprogramming your subconscious mind HERE

Think of the Implications of This Possibility!

If you focus on what you want repeatedly, then that’s what your subconscious mind hears and tries to assist in you getting. If you desire to be healthy or your desire is to be rich, and you make sure your subconscious mind hears it, it responds with, “let me see what I can do to help!”

On the other side, if you focus on: “oh my God, I’m going to get sick,” or “oh my God, I’m broke!” etc., your subconscious mind also hears this. Ok, he/she wants to be sick, he/she wants to be broke – I will try to give you that!

An Example of the Power of the Subconscious Mind.  

When I was studying hypnosis, there was a woman I read about who kept getting sick repeatedly and kept finding herself in the hospital.

After hypnosis therapy, it was discovered that she made an unconscious decision that became imprinted on her subconscious mind when she was only four years old. She realized that she received love from her mother when she got sick. At that point, she imprinted: sickness = love. Her obedient servant, her subconscious mind kept playing out that program well into her 40’s +, and she kept finding herself in a hospital. 

It Stopped When She Reprogrammed the Belief by Changing the Instructions to the Subconscious Mind. 

Check out the amazing work of Joe Dispenza

Recently, I’ve been looking at some of the work on YouTube of Joe Dispenza, a huge fan of the power of the mind. He has lots of interviews on YouTube which are worth checking out. 

There are numerous stories where people have overturned terminal cancer etc. etc., through the powers of their minds! Every day it seems like there are more and more revelations of people transforming their lives themselves. 

How to Make Your Subconscious Mind Your Best Friend. 

A) Understand that your subconscious mind can help you and is really your best friend.

You must learn how to use this powerful tool to improve your life. You just need to imprint it with the correct information.  

Many people who are rich are so simply by what was imprinted on their subconscious minds when they were children (thought inherited wealth doesn’t hurt.) The same can be said for the vast majority of people who grew up in poverty. You need to learn to re-imprint your mind if you don’t have the results you want!

B) Increase your Self-Awareness.

Learn to be careful with your language and what you say to yourself. Start to become a lot more aware of the comments you make both internally and externally. This includes anything that could be interpreted by this powerful little child within you as being something you want. 

C) Get Clear About What You Want

Get clear about what you want in all areas of your life. Create clear goals and learn to focus only on them! Make a list and put it on your wall and read it all the time so that your subconscious mind goes, “Oh, that’s what they want. Let’s make it happen. 

Check out our post on getting clear about what you value most HERE

D) Focus On What You Want ONLY!

I can’t stress this enough, be careful with your language and what you say to yourself. If you start using affirmations, make sure they are always what you want. Be so careful with your language. I hate to repeat this, but it’s so important. 

E) Learn to Trust your Subconscious Mind

The sooner that you get results that your conscious mind can recognize, the quicker you will learn to trust your subconscious mind.

Here’s a way to get some quick results. Start using your subconscious mind to wake you up in the morning. Before you go to bed, tell your subconscious mind what time you want to wake up. For example, I want to wake up at 7:30 am. Then visualize a clock that reads 730 and see yourself getting up. Stay conscious as the results, even if it takes a while

Closing Thoughts

As I have shared, when I learned to incorporate my subconscious mind into my healing process, and other aspects of my life, I was able to move mountains, so to speak. For me, I had stumbled onto this process by accident and it continues to be a great assistance.

I regularly use the assistance of my subconscious mind to release old emotions that have held me back and in one case I undid a behaviour I had been running for decades in about 45 minutes

It took repetition and dedication and an open mind. And as my results indicate, it clearly worked, not once but actually lots of times.

Take lots of action and change your life for the better by using the power of your subconscious mind!



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