How to Adopt Beliefs that You Need To Be Successful.

To become who you want to be, it is so important to adopt the beliefs that you need to be successful!

Beliefs and How They Run/Ruin Your Life!

Our beliefs run/ruin our lives. It is so important to adopt the beliefs that you need to be successful in life.

Over the next few posts, we are going to dive into the world of “beliefs” and how they either support or sabotage your personal success and why it is important to adopt the beliefs that you need to be successful.

To begin, what are we talking about:

The  Merriam-Webster dictionary defines belief as:  

“a feeling of being sure that a person or thing exists

or is true or trustworthy”

You, like all of us, have beliefs, in fact, lots or a system of them. Have you ever given them much thought?

They affect virtually everything you do. This in turn affects the quality of virtually everything in your life. The beliefs you hold have a dramatic effect on your personal and financial success. It is so, so important that you adopt the beliefs that you need to be successful.

Beliefs – The hidden cause of many shortcomings.

Beliefs – Again, we all have them lots of them

The problem is that few people give any thought to the beliefs they hold. Most of your beliefs run in a similar way to software on a computer – in the background and once installed, taken for granted.

Once it is installed, little thought is given to the software.  You just run it when you need it to do something. 

At least with computers, if the software fails or gets outdated, it gets upgraded or removed.

We take better care of a $300 (or less) computer than our brains

Not so with people. For most people, it takes a major crisis to bring a belief to the level of conscious thought, or into awareness, the place where people will challenge and change long-held beliefs. Have you ever heard someone who had an accident or was diagnosed with a major disease share that it was the best thing that happened to them? It was because it got them to challenge and change a long-held belief.

– AND it doesn’t be this way!

Yes, beliefs run our lives in much of the same way that software runs your computer. In essence, beliefs are the software of humans. They run virtually everything you do. In essence, they put a filter over how you see and experience everything, from yourself to the world.   

You, my friend, have a group of beliefs that run your life. Have you ever given any thought as to:

– where did you get them? Where did you get your beliefs? While I know you think they’re yours in essence you got them from someone else so

Whose beliefs are running your life? Yes, I know you think they are yours but are they really? Again, where did you get them, and where did the people that passed them on to you get them? Unfortunately, beliefs can be multi-generational, even though they haven’t worked for years.

What are the positive or supportive aspects of the beliefs you adopted?

Most importantly  – do the beliefs you hold onto serve you? Do they serve you having the quality of life you want?

Finding / Uncovering your beliefs – An Easy Shortcut

What beliefs do you hold?

If you want to know the answer to this question, simply look around; do you have the results you want in life? When the results you have are not what you want, there’s a good chance you don’t have beliefs that are or will support you in getting what you want in life. Start asking yourself, what do I believe about me as to how I relate to “x”?

Kinds of beliefs

There are basically three variations of beliefs:

  1. beliefs about ourselves
  2. beliefs about others
  3. beliefs about the world

Where beliefs fail you or where you fail your beliefs

As I said above, one thing that I’ve observed with humanity is that there is a significant flaw in that humans, in general, think their beliefs are the “truth” when none of our beliefs are necessarily true.

There is a great definition I read once about beliefs. “The belief is something you have when you don’t have all the facts.”

Some common mistakes people make around beliefs.

Most people think:

  1. That their beliefs are true
  2. As such, they are then justified in any action that support these beliefs
  3. That they have to abide by the beliefs they have
  4. That their beliefs are beyond question
  5. They don’t have to question how they adopted this did I get this belief
  6. They can’t questioning if there beliefs support them getting what they want from life
  7. That they dont have to ask thyemselves “Does this belief support quality of life I want?”
  8. Their beliefs are irreplaceable or they can’t replace outdated or innefective beliefs
  9. That as they got the belief from someone likely from their parents or surroundings that they are beyond question.
  10. That if they are born in a certain country that the collective belief the country holds are “correct” or that the leaders of the country are correct, above reproach.

How Our Environment Can Effect Our Beliefs

You think someone who grew up in a rural community, say in another country such as Africa, China, South America, will have the same beliefs as someone who grew up in Washington DC.

In the reverse, what are the limitations of the beliefs you adopted?

Or, if you grew up the child of successful, multimillionaire parents, and also you went to the finest schools etc., what kind of beliefs do you think they would have? Would they have beliefs that support this mindset? Do you think that they would have a “wealth” based mindset and would be comfortable around money and luxury?

In contrast, how would you view life/possibility if you grew up in poverty?

While in essence, we humans are virtually the same physically, the main difference, the one the causes us so many problems, comes down to the beliefs that are installed. This is the cause of wealth, happiness, self-fulfillment, invention etc on one side, and poverty, misery, homelessness and even war on the other.

Yes, many people overcome adversity. All it takes is one you to change or install beliefs that support your goals, such as “I can”; “I deserve more, (of everything) etc.,”

Now the good part – Your Assignment (should you choose to accept it 🙂 )

Begin looking at your life. Look at your surroundings, your relationships, your success, and your inner and outer happiness, your quality of life.

The biggest thing that will start to change your life is increasing your awareness. Specifically your awareness of yourself and your inner thoughts. When you do something, start to ask yourself – “why and I doing this” You see we do things as they are driven by beliefs and habits. Both of these are mostly unconscious.

It’s important you increase your awareness of the unconscious actions you are taking and bring it into conscious thought. Become more aware of what you by starting to ask yourself: “why am I doing this? “what beliefs are driving this action”- this is especially important in major areas of your life, such as career or relationships.

All these actions/stances etc. are a direct byproduct of the beliefs you hold on to, the vast majority of which are unconscious or below your awareness. If you want to change your life for the better, you have to have the beliefs that support success. A good place to start is by understanding the beliefs that are driving you.

Again, start becoming more aware. When you do something (which is usually an unconscious act, bring it to conscious awareness – ask yourself why am I doing this? Why do I think that what I’m doing is important? Does it bring me happiness?

Begin today!!!!!!!

Start making the list especially where you are not getting the results you want. Ask yourself what beliefs are causing me to do this? What beliefs do I need to change or adapt if I want a different result?

You Can Change the World, Especially When You Start With Yourself!!!!