A word of the wise: If you want to have a wonderful life, it’s much more likely to happen if you have good habits to support you. Learn great lessons and break bad habits used by unsuccessful people and if you have them, it’s time to master these habits on your road to success.

The following is a list of”failure” habits used by people who fail at excelling in life:

Failure Habit #1) – Negative Mindset

How to break bad habits #1

The number one unworkable habit is focusing on negativity! Whatever this person does, they verbalize, think, and take action focused on negativity! Unsuccessful people tend to focus on what doesn’t work or why it will not work. Additionally, due to focusing on a negative outcome, unsuccessful people see problems where they don’t exist. Their fears take over, and they create scenarios in their mind filled with obstacles to success.

For example, instead of enjoying a day at the beach, they will complain that the sun is too hot. They blame the wind for ruining their hair or a spicy meal for being too spicy. They will look for every reason for a project not to work instead of making it work!

They can also focus on every negative trait with people they work with instead of seeing the gems that everyone brings to the table. They can also be suspicious of everyone else’s motivations. They see the problems but never the solutions.

They regard failures/setbacks as catastrophes instead of opportunities to create something new. They become discouraged quickly instead of simply learning from their mistakes or setbacks and then moving past them. They never seem to move forward and don’t realize it’s of their making because they’re too afraid to come out of their comfort zones and try something new.

Cost: By focusing on the negative, it creates a mindset where it is far too easy to overlook amazing possibilities. It also causes you to justify to yourself why it’s okay to quit too soon. It is incredibly important to see the positive in every situation.

Solution: Learn to ask yourself better questions. What is the gift of this situation? If there are no restrictions, what else can I do? In a perfect world, what else is possible

It’s important you know how to break bad habits if you want to be successful. Use the solutions herein to make some great changes.

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Failure Habit #2) – Lack of Planning

Where successful people are organized and plan their success, unsuccessful people take actions based on a clear plan. Unsuccessful people can act on impulse and lack foresight. If they are out shopping and see something they like, they purchase it without any second thought about whether they need it or if it’s too expensive or not a good investment!

Unsuccessful people may then be disappointed in their “impulsive” actions. Unfortunately, they have a propensity to keep on spending until they have spent all their money!

Due to their instant gratification strategy, they can fail to factor in tomorrow. They are more interested in the immediate than the long-term and can often overlook the potential consequences of their action(s).

Cost: By not having a plan, you have no defined objective to work towards. This results in getting easily taken off track. This can cause you to waste amazing amounts of energy and resources

Solution: Before you begin, at a minimum, write down what you want to achieve or what your overall goal is. Put this on the wall, bathroom mirror, fridge, etc to constantly remind yourself what you are working towards. refer back to and update this. In a perfect world, before beginning, create a full business plan, which causes you to properly think through every aspect of your goals.

NUMBER 3 – Procrastination – They Waste (Considerable) Resources and Time.

Good habits, bad habits, here we go on #3.

Many times unsuccessful people don’t know what to do next. They may be content eating, going to the bar, watching TV, or worse, staring at a blank wall with no thoughts whatsoever as to how to improve their lives.

It’s beautiful to enjoy once in a while. But to be successful, it requires managing your time efficiently! There should be a proper balance between work & pleasure.

Cost: Procrastination can stop your forward movement instantly. Instead of taking back solid action to achieve your goals you find yourself searching social media. This only helps to keep you stuck!

Solution: many times procrastination is caused by hidden agendas of her subconscious mind. There’s likely a conflict between what you consciously want to create and what your subconscious mind wants for you. In general, your subconscious mind wants to keep you safe!

It’s important that you work with your subconscious mind to overcome anything that is holding you back. Check out the video BELOW or on YouTube by the Personal Development School to help you overcome procrastination.

Failure Habit #4) They Get Overwhelmed by Setbacks

Unsuccessful people get easily overwhelmed by setbacks. Setbacks can cause them to procrastinate and waste time and resources. Thmakeeir thinking takes them down dark alleys where they can quickly lose sight of the end goal.

Cost: If you let yourself get overwhelmed when you come up against a setback, it can stop you in your tracks, if you let it. Your goals, progress to date, and the big picture can disappear.

Solution: Again, this comes back to mindset and the focus of your thoughts. To overcome this, you need to change your thinking. Again a good way to start is by asking yourself questions that open your mind to possibilities! What can I learn from the situation? Where can I go from here? Who can help me? What else do I need to learn to get past this?

Maybe you just need to go for a walk and sit on a riverbank and calm yourself down or take up meditation. Any of these steps can help you to move past this proceed to block.

Failure habit #5) – Insufficient Motivation

One thing that helps people manifest incredible goals is creating internal motivation to do whatever it takes to achieve those goals. 

Motivation can come in two forms: move towards a fantastic goal OR move away from the results of not achieving those goals.

For example, achieving the goal could give you enough wealth to buy a house. You could find yourself living in your car by not achieving the goal. 

People who don’t achieve their goals can lack a powerful way to motivate themselves sufficiently to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Either one of these methods can provide a fantastic amount of motivation. And you can use both. 

Cost: without enough motivation it’s really easy to stop at any small setback. Without enough motivation, it’s hard to believe that you even got this far! The cost of not having enough motivation is a constant failure and quitting too soon.

Solution: as stated above motivation comes in two forms: move towards pleasure and move away from pain! You need to create clear goals that have lots of motivation to achieve them. At the same time, you can create huge motivation by being conscious of the costs of not achieving your dreams. Write out both of these in a way that they speak to you and review them whenever you feel lost or overwhelmed by setbacks.

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Failure Habit #6) – They Don’t Go All the Way

If you read anything about a growth mindset, you’ll know that successful people do not get stopped by setbacks. Instead, successful people see most things as opportunities or stepping stones to tremendous success.

In contrast, people prone to failure often give up too soon! This can be as early as the first setback.

People with a failure mindset can start full of energy only to waver or stop at the first sign of difficulty. They can then look for the new horse to jump on and start all over. Quitting too soon usually finds them back in the same spot in the not-too-distant future. People prone to failure lack the persistence to keep going until they reach their goal! They also need to clarify the motivation!

Cost: like the point above the real trouble is quitting too soon. When you do this everything goes out the window!

Solution: to get you to keep going you need more motivation. Please refer to the point above for increasing your level of motivation! At the same time get your subconscious mind on board to buy in 100% to your goals

Failure Habit #7) – Fail to Listen to Council/others

Unsuccessful individuals cannot seem to listen, even to people with experience and knowledge who have experienced considerable success. There are often ego demands that they focus on being on center stage, even when they would be better suited to sit in the audience and listen.

They want to be the star of the show, whether they’re qualified or not. Frequently, they are not even aware that what they are saying is even sensible or applicable to the current situation.

In their mind, they are always correct. When other people try to assist them, they might shut down because they are too stubborn and thin-skinned to admit their mistakes or be open to counsel. They can reject appropriate and reasonable suggestions because it might trigger their inner insecurities.

Cost: nobody knows everything, including you. There’s always somebody out there that can help you and if you. If you don’t listen to others year’s limited by your own capabilities when you don’t need to be.

Solution: always make yourself open to hearing other points of view, especially from people you work with or your legal or accounting counsel! Another good way is to join a mastermind group or create one yourself!

Failure Habit #8) They Take the Easy Way Out

If there are two paths to success to choose from, unsuccessful people choose a wider pathway, even though it has less potential, instead of a more focused course with much greater potential for success.

Unsuccessful people avoid the more challenging pathway to limit or cancel any potential difficulties or hardship. They want a good life but are not willing to pay the price.

These people fail to fully grasp that taking the chances can pay off big time. Don’t expect the results if you’re unwilling to put in any energy! Efforts & results go hand-in-hand.

Unsuccessful people fail to understand that If only they were willing to sacrifice a little, they could gain a lot. Conversely, successful individuals will pay the price and never give up. They are eager to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals and be all they can be in life.

Cost: When you take the easy way it is so easy to miss valuable lessons that could offer huge opportunities. Many times it’s the process of thinking and learning from mistakes where you find the real win!

Solution: Never focus on just the easy way is it being the ultimate solution! Ask yourself: What is the best solution to this problem that serves the most people that I can help? For the easy way always look for the best way and what is the ideal solution to what you’re up against!

Failure habit #9) – They Fail to appreciate Other People’s Success

Incompetent people envy other successful individuals. Instead of working hard to be like them, incompetent/unsuccessful people can stoop to spreading falsehoods and attempt to discredit another person’s success.

They could have learned from successful people that their frail ego does not allow them to do so. They appear to be too proud when it is more likely that their insecurities are driving them. They don’t want to ask advice that would make them look weak, even in their own minds. Moreover, their negative focus can’s hold them back one more time.

Cost: it’s a big world out there and it’s virtually impossible to do anything of value just by yourself. As the saying goes “we need each other” when you cut yourself off from acknowledging others in some ways you’re isolating yourself.

Solution: make a habit of celebrating everyone’s success. You never know when it’s going to come around to you or rub off on you!


Anything you do requires an appropriate mindset if you want to be successful. This is even more important before breaking new ground or accomplishing something spectacular!

Unfortunately, people who fail in life generally do so due to their mindset and focus. Common symptoms of failure include the failure habits listed above. 

In contrast, if you want to create an amazingly successful life, it’s vital to master the skills opposite of all the traits listed above! Doing this will help you improve your chances of Creating fantastic success in your life.

Not go out and create an extraordinary life!

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