How to Manifest What You Want Using The “BioEnergy Code”


The BioEnergy Code is a simple and powerful system designed to help you increase your ability quickly to “manifest” your dreams. Many times we are unable to manifest what we want due to old beliefs and stuck energy buried inside of us. This system helps you remove these blocks to manifestation.

It uses sound technology to change the energy field around your “chakras. The program includes soundtracks, including a 30-minute audio track promising design to activate a “BioEnergy switch.” Once the switch is activated, it frees up negative energy, allowing you to manifest your life’s desires.

The BioEnergy Code system was created by Angela Carter, collaborating with Anthony, a manifestation guru in Nepal.

Anthony had shared about research at The University of Vermont Medical Center which confirmed that there are a number of “energy centers” found in the body where different types of BioEnergy are stored.

For centuries, these BioEnergy centers have been called “Chakras.” He shared that the ancients believed that there were 7 “Chakras” or BioEnergy centers. Think of them like spinning wheels that take energy in, store it, and then release it.

The seven chakras help individuals live their best lives based on ancient teachings. When the energy does not flow freely, we are experiencing negative life experiences, known as Blocked BioEnergy.”

The BioEnergy Code process makes activating that energy through a 30-minute audio track, simpler and faster. With this audio track, you’ll get guided meditations and visualizations (based on traditional chakra teachings) to maximize your outcomes.

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The BioEnergy Code Phases

The 30 minutes audio track, walks you through nine phases:

Phase 1

This phase is also known as “Welcome the Energy.” Two frequencies are introduced during this phase, the “Golden Frequency” and the “432 Hz,” both meant to align and calm the brain.

Phase 2

A “Foundational Energy” session clears blockages in the energy field and pinpoints areas in your life that require belonging, safety, and stability.

Phase 3

“Relational Energy” teaches emotional intelligence, cultivates self-love, and fosters good, deep relationships through the use of statements and visualizations,

Phase 4

Here you will find inner strength, happiness, and personal fulfillment by unblocking the “Personal Power.”

Phase 5

The fifth phase focuses on your “Heart Energy.” By clearing the way for this energy, you will receive more love and more quickly.

Phase 6

In this phase the process focuses on healing or clearing your “Expression Energy,”  Once cleared you will find it easier to express yourself and speak your truth. You will also find that you will be less affected by what others may think.

Phase 7

One area of our lives that can really assist us relates to our Intuition. In this phase, you will learn how to harness the power of your “Intuition Energy.” This alone can have a very positive effect on your whole life.

Phase 8

The 8th phase focuses on developing the “Oneness Energy.” This will help you to understand that the divine is both inside and outside of you. It will also make you feel whole.

Phase 9

The final phase of the program is dedicated to achieving conscious existence. At this point the goal is that you will be able to live a life of peace and love!

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This program comes with some great Bonuses

With your purchase of the audio program, you’ll also receive the following bonuses:

BioEnergy Code Manual (worth $47)

This 154-page ebook helps you to discover what the Chakra tradition is all about and how it’s based on science. As a result, you will better understand the 7 Chakras from every angle and better understand how each Chakra can become blocked with BioEnergy. To boost the functionality of the BioEnergy Code program, it is important to understand the Chakras.

5-Minute BioEnergy Healing (worth $147)

In this shortened version of the longer program, BioEnergy Code, it will help you focus and have mental clarity within five minutes. This allows you to fit the process in, even if you have a busy schedule where you cant listen to a full session.

BioEnergy Code Decoded (worth $97)

The BioEnergy Code Decoded helps to identify your BioEnergy zones and map out a plan for aligning them. It helps you to visualize, internalize and materialize your dream life by using the BioEnergy Code.

The Heart Energy Activator (worth $147)

The Heart Energy Activator uses a proprietary combination of God Frequency and 432 Hz frequency. In order to begin healing, you need to release any fear you are holding in your heart.

The bonuses alone associated with the BioEnergy Code program amount to $438 in value and can be accessed with the whole program once the payment is made, and all bonus materials are absolutely free.

Pros and Cons of BioEnergy Code


Removes Negative Beliefs and Thoughts (even the hidden ones)

Many times our negative beliefs and accompanying thoughts can unknowingly hold us back. If we can let these go, it provides us with more options, some that may have been right in front of us that we could not even see.

There may be times when you need to step outside of your own negative thoughts. You can reprogram your subconscious mind to unleash the full power of your body’s BioEnergy for health, love, communication, confidence, intelligence, and much more when you listen to the powerful 30-minute audio and understand the BioEnergy Code concept.

Manifesting Made Simpler

We will need time and effort to learn how to manifest. Bio Energy Code teaches us how to do this. It enables you to learn how to harness your chakra’s power instantly for only half an hour daily from the comfort of your home.

Offers a Variety of Bonuses

The four bonuses were created by Anthony and Angela Carter. These bonuses are each unique in their own way. By receiving these bonus items, you can accelerate the process of “energy switching,” resulting in a sense of self-confidence and happiness more quickly.

We like the “5-Minute BioEnergy Healing”, which is suitable for people on the go. Rather than spending 30 minutes meditating, you can do it in 5 minutes if you’re short on time.

Fully Refundable

The BioEnergy Code is available for you to test for an entire year. You can get all of your money back if you do not like it. There is a 365-day claim period for their guarantee, making it a good deal.

The Cons

You Cannot Cut Corners

It’s worth taking the time to give this your complete attention if you’re going to buy it. No one can expect to get what they want without taking action.

Science is Limited in its Evidence

Despite the chakra system’s long history, its efficacy has not been demonstrated in clinical studies. However, meditation, visualization, and brainwaves are all proven to be beneficial. Additionally, it should not be overlooked that many people have benefited from the opening of their chakras or their BioEnergy over the years.

The BioEnergy Program Is Only Available Digitally

Purchase of The BioEnergy Code is only possible through the official website. The materials are available in the members’ area after you customize your order and pay for it.

There is currently no physical version of this manifestation program available from Anthony & Angela Carter.

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In Summary

It would be easy to ask, “Which differentiates The BioEnergy Code from other manifestation programs around?”

If you are still confused or skeptical most likely, you failed to achieve your manifestation goals after trying other manifestation programs and courses, as I did as well.

In our opinion, The BioEnergy Code stands out from other manifestation programs because it focuses on transforming “negative energy in your body.” energy that can stop you from manifesting your dreams.

Many other programs fail as they do not factor in the effects of the accumulative energy that we are sitting on that is buried in our body. By clearing out this energy it can help us to achieve the goals we want and do so quickly. This is achieved using a simple, rapid and effective method that combines traditional chakra meditation techniques with brain studies.

Aside from that, we find that the current retail price is very reasonable for The BioEnergy Code.

All of thse factors contribute to making this a great deal to help you quickly reprogram your mind for success. You get a lot of value for the low price. Furthermore, Anthony and Angela Carter offered a limited-time offer so their program could be more affordable to more people.

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I would recommend The BioEnergy Code even if you have spent money on other manifestation programs that did not live up to their promises.

In addition, with an amazing 365 days money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose… and a lot more to gain.

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Frequent Questions:

1) What If I’ve Tried Other Manifestation Programs but They Didn’t Work for Me? How Can I Expect This to Be Different?

Most manifestation programs simply don’t address the fact that it’s impossible to manifest a new and abundant reality until you address negative energy stored in your body. This is what the Bioenergy Code does for you.

Most programs simply focus on the “mindset”-while completely ignoring that your body is drowning in stored negative energy. The Bioenergy Code addresses ALL the areas of blocked energy – all at once. There’s no long and drawn-out process of learning and mastering the energy centres or chakras.

The Bioenergy Code is the only men’s manifestation approach that combines ancient and time-honoured chakra “energy work” with cutting-edge brain science.

So for the first time in your life, it’s not only POSSIBLE to manifest abundance, but it’s simple and easy.

#2 How Soon Can Expect Results?

Since every person’s situation is unique, it’s impossible to say. Some of experience powerful results almost immediately. Others experience what I describe as a steady “burn”.

Since results are cumulative, we encourage you to use the Bioenergy Code daily. The more consistent you are, the more dramatic your results will be. Plus you have the entire year to try it out.

#3 Will This Really Impact Every Area of My Life?

YES! None of us get to decide how our energy centers get blocked. It just happens as a byproduct of being human. It can come from traumatic events, disappointments, hard times, etc. all of which deposit negative energy in our bodies.

This energy gets stored and becomes stagnant, keeping us from living our best life and living the life of our dreams. The Bioenergy Code¶ targets the specific areas with that negative energy is stored in switches that energy from working against you to working for you. Because the Bioenergy Code targets all the areas of stored energy, there’s nowhere in your life that will be impacted.

4) How Does the Guarantee Work?

Your investment in yourself is literally risk-free. You have an entire year to decide it’s right for you! Yes, you read that right, you have an entire year to decide, and by then you should have lots of amazing results. If at any point during the 365 day period, you decide it’s not for you, simply email the company and they will refund every single penny. No questions asked! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

5) The program only costs – get this $37.
The BioEnergy Code ($197.00 Value)

The BioEnergy Code Manual ($47.00 Value)

5 Minute BioEnergy Healing ($147.00 Value)

BioEnergy Code Decoded ($97.00 Value)

The Heart Energy Activator ($147.00 Value)

Total Value: $585.00

Regular Price  $197

Today $37

Why not give it a try, what do you really have to lose!

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