Sometimes it is really important to identify and overcome beliefs that are holding you back

We all have beliefs, lots of them.

Virtually everything you do is the result of the beliefs that you hold. They drive your actions, control your thoughts and basically oversee and determine the quality of your life.

The problem is that sometimes your beliefs simply don’t serve you.

In fact, many times they will actually hold you back from having the life you want in virtually any area of your life. As a result, sometimes it is in your best interest to change various deep-seated beliefs and then replace them with supportive beliefs that will help you to achieve your goals – in any area.

Changing Beliefs

In most cases, our beliefs are not something that we have chosen consciously. In fact, usually, we seldom give our beliefs much thought. We just accept that they exist. It can be as if they are something from a higher power. Or maybe that they were always meant to be there.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Your beliefs are mostly things you have simply picked up over the course of your life. Your beliefs have come from a wide range of sources. A key source of your beliefs is what was passed on from your primary caregivers. They also could have been installed as a result of something that was going on at a time, such as a world event. A key thing to understand is that many of your core beliefs were instilled when you were very young. At that time you were unable to fully understand the implications of how they would or could control your life.

Again, many times, especially as you grow, they can work against you. They can limit your reaction to opportunities and even do a decent job of killing your excitement and hope!

The great news is that your beliefs are not ingrained in stone. Once you bring them to consciousness you are able to alter virtually any beliefs. You just have to take action. You can then work with your new beliefs to reinforce them and make them part of your new reality. This means we can achieve virtually anything our heart desires.

So how do you amend your beliefs?

It’s relatively simple. Follow these straightforward steps.

Follow These Straightforward Steps:

A) Choose An Area in Your Life That You Wish to Change

To begin you must choose what it is you want to change.

To do this you have to pick an area in your life and then Identify key beliefs that you hold back pertaining to this topic.

For example, I should weigh 150lbs.

On the other side, I have this belief that “I love sugar!”

Simply, the belief around sugar is stopping you from effectively losing weight as it leads to the consumption of high sugar foods.

If you change the belief from “I love sugar” to something that supports you it will help you to create a more supportive result. This could be: ” To be healthy, I can only consume a maximum of 20g of sugar per week.” This new belief will require / facilitate a change in your habits.

Again, you have to start with the beliefs that you’re holding on to already. This means you have to start soul-searching. You have to challenge your thoughts and start to really listen to what you are saying to yourself. A lot of times your beliefs will come to the surface via a simple statement such as “I am not smart, ”. “I don’t have what it takes to be successful” etc. These simple statements share the underlying belief. Additionally, they have a huge effect on your actions.

Think through an area in your life that isn’t working and identify some of your core beliefs. Now choose one! Question what it is you believe about the situation. When the belief comes up, what is the first thing that you think about the situation?

B: Choose The Belief You Want!

This step is pretty straightforward.

Once you have identified the culprit limiting belief, you now have to choose what you want to replace it with. In this step, you’re going to choose a new belief that will support you in getting what you want.

For example, if your recent belief was: “I don’t deserve to be wealthy!” Why not replace it with “I have an unlimited earning potential” or “Money comes to me easily. ” Or as another example, If you have a belief that states “I am stupid!” Isn’t it time to replace it with something like “I can learn virtually anything that I choose!”

Understand that you don’t even have to consider whether the belief is true or not. In the scheme of things, this doesn’t really matter. What really matters is that you start making the new belief real for you. Remember, that it is the end result that you really want and the new belief will help you to achieve the goals you want. Begin to make this belief a part of you. The more you repeat this, visualize it, add emotion, the quicker your subconscious mind will help to make it a part of you.

C: Release All Attachments To The Belief(s) That’s Been Holding You Back

This step is important to understand! It is about the emotional connection you likely have attached to the old belief(s).

Many times we hold onto these beliefs for reasons we’re not aware of. Quite often there will be some emotional tie to the belief that can be buried deep within you. These emotional connections can provide some form of emotional connection to our past. This in and of itself can unconsciously get in our way of a great life.

For example a belief “I’m not smart” could be tied to an old incident that happened with a parent. As a result, it could trigger an emotional connection. This can have some kind of emotional “payoff” that you are not even aware of. In many cases, this can be an unconscious reason that you have held onto the limiting beliefs in spite of the results that you are producing. Unconsciously, it can be “if I hold this belief I might feel loved etc.”

Ask Yourself, “Is the Emotional Payoff from Worth the Results I Can Create!”

Most of the time it simply isn’t!

In fact, far too often we pay dearly for this unconscious emotional connection. You have to just ask yourself “Is what I’m paying for this belief really worth the price I’m paying?”

Now that you brought the belief to consciousness and are aware of the emotional payoff, you are able to clearly see what the belief is costing you. Also, you now know what this belief is costing you. By understanding the emotional tie and the price that you’ve actually been paying, it will make it much easier for you to get on board to change the belief. By getting a clear understanding of what has been really going on now becomes your greatest support at creating change and building up exciting an future.

D: Create The Belief You Want

With your goal in mind, ask yourself: “What belief would best support me to create the goal that I want?”

You want to find an ideal goal that would support you in taking action (immediately). It has to be in line with helping you to successfully manifest your desires. Maybe think of two or three possible goals. Then pick the one that you think would push you to take the most action.

What to do if the old belief pops up

If your old belief pops into your consciousness, simply say: “Cancel, Cancel” and then repeat the belief that you want to have three times until the old belief no longer comes to the surface.

For example, let’s say you have a belief that “I’m not smart” and that belief comes into your consciousness. When it pops up, simply go “Cancel, Cancel,” “I am smart and I can learn anything I set my mind to,” and say it three times. Again, do this anytime that your belief comes into your conscious thoughts

You can also repeat your new beliefs as an affirmation before you go to sleep. You can also repeat it first thing in the morning upon rising

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E: Establish Proof For Your New Belief

In order to permanently embed these new beliefs into your subconscious mind, you must take action in a way that is repeated and emotional. The more times you can repeat these new beliefs and also do it with emotion, the more likely you are to permanently embed them.

You want to find ways that support your new belief. As an example, if your belief was “I am stupid” when you learn something new, even if it is small, tell yourself “that was really easy to learn!”

Starting today, Keep looking for any evidence you can to reinforce the old belief and repeat it with emotion.

This process can be used in any area of your life to challenge any old belief that is not supporting you having the life you want.

F: Start NOW!!!

The faster you get going the faster this will change. Take massive action starting right now!

Good Luck – It’s your turn to change the world!

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