Do you think you are a victim?
Replace Victim and Blame in your Life

Are you in charge of your life- all aspects of it, or is somebody else responsible for you? I know on an intellectual level, it’s, sure, I’m in charge. But more importantly, where does your mind go when you have problems or setbacks. Do you believe you are in control of your life or do you think you are a victim and someone else is to blame, or do you blame the dog? Its time to replace “Victim” and “Blame” and take 100% self-responsibility for your life!

One way to answer this properly is to look at your historical behaviors. For example, do you take full responsibility for your behaviors and emotional responses-and I mean all of them? Or do you spend most of your time, again, when there are problems, casting the blame on others or other things for the results that are appearing in your life! Do you even blame it on the weather? 

It is essential to understand that whichever one of these mindsets you resonate with can significantly affect your quality of life in either a good or bad way. And please understand that your mindset can affect virtually every area of your life. This changes for the better when you take on the concept of 100% Self-Responsibility.

Society Breeds a “Blame Mentality.” 

Few of us take full responsibility for everything in our lives. It can also be easy to fall into perceived victim consciousness. What would it be like for you if, starting right now that you decided that your life was yours and only you can transform it into what you want?

The Power of Your Beliefs

Recent research by sociologists and psychologists indicates that a person’s belief system can significantly affect success, health, the mind, and overall happiness. 

A great example is that cancer patients who believe that they can heal their bodies are much more likely to go into remission, students who think that they can do well in school will do well, and people who believe they can succeed in business will succeed. In other words, “They can because they think they can.”  

I read a report recently about a fellow who was dying of a terminal disease. He heard about a new experimental drug that could cure his condition. He got this drug, and his condition disappeared within a short period. About 30 days later, it came out in a scientific report that the drug didn’t work. Even though he’d been in perfect health, after simply reading the news, the disease returned, and he died. 

These are all great examples of mind power and how much our beliefs affect our lives. 

Understanding Your Beliefs!

One of the best lines I loved about beliefs is: “beliefs are something we have When we don’t have all the facts.” 🙂 

Your beliefs are assumptions, judgments, attitudes, and opinions, which act as filters about virtually everything you experience. 

Again, your beliefs are not necessarily accurate, nor are they necessarily facts. For the most part, they are just opinions with expectations attached, many of which you unconsciously accepted from past generations-who also didn’t know whether they were true or not.  

These views are the basis of your understanding of your personal version of reality. Your beliefs become the predominant filter for your knowledge and understanding of how the world operates. You use them to judge virtually everything you do – under all circumstances. As I mentioned, many beliefs come from past generations. Like ourselves, there excepted based on face value. We take them on from our caregivers, culture, education, political organizations, organized religion, etc.

A byproduct of your belief system is that it provides beliefs and values that help you set a framework for what you do, say, feel or experience. Your collection creates a filter system that you unconsciously use to process and store information as it comes through our conscious and unconscious thought systems. 

Many of your “core” beliefs reside in your subconscious mind, and you may have taken this on when you were young. As a result, we seldom give them a second thought. You have something running you that you’ve never adequately analyzed. Unconsciously you’re saying that ‘this is just who I am” or ‘this is reality.’

Victim Consciousness

Unfortunately, a common group belief is that you/we are all victims. This mentality creates a thought process that can cause you to focus on being a victim and then focusing on blame instead of taking action and changing your life. 

If you tend to believe that you are a victim, you know that it can instantly take away your power. Instead of being in charge of your life and taking massive action, you can focus on something or someone else to change your situation. 

Most people who think they are victims act as if they have no power and that all that power resides outside of themselves. That’s why they can stay on the sidelines, blaming others for where they are and what they have created. This misdirected thinking can lead to a predominant feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness.  

Victim Consciousness in Society

It is easy to find examples of victim and blame consciousness in today’s media, political systems, organized religion, and group consciousness. Most people believe that they are helpless to determine what is best for themselves. 

Instead, many people tend to look outside of themselves for guidance on improving their own lives. This unconscious and incorrect notion of ‘powerlessness’ may cause you to fall into a state of self-pity or disempowerment.

Giving Your Power Away!

Unfortunately, by thinking you are a victim, you will give away your responsibility for what you have in your life! By being a victim, you believe you can blame others for why you’re not taking action to change your own life.

None of this again is true. It’s only a state of mind. Unforeseen being a victim keeps you stuck and robs you of having the life you are capable of and deserve!

Question: are you satisfied with your life being a victim? Do you want more? Do you want to be in charge of your life instead of waiting for someone else or something else? Do you want to be the driver of your own ship? 

If you do, below are nine powerful ways (in no particular order) to help you release victim consciousness and take charge of your life!

Decisive Steps To Move From Being A Victim and Blame to being the captain of your life’s ship. 

Start Now

Start right now with this affirmation: “I (state name) take full responsibility for every aspect of my life! I and I alone am in charge of my life.

Release Blame

I blame no one for the results I have in my life. I am totally responsible for everything I create, and I can change anything I don’t like. Blame is no longer part of my vocabulary! When I hear someone else using blame, I know they’re just avoiding responsibility! I am in total control of my life from today and for the rest of my life!

Bring negative Thought Patterns to Consciousness to help you overcome Victim and Blame.

Identify seven of the top negative thought patterns that have stopped you from taking charge of your life and creating what you want! Especially look for areas where you see yourself as a victim or blame others or where you’re stuck.

For example, in the past, it might be: “there is no work out there!” Now it’s “there’s lots of work should out there and it’s coming to me now! Making money is easy, and I’m good at it! I make lots of money, and I am starting today!

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 Incorporate Your Subconscious Mind into the Change Process

These changes must get ingrained in your subconscious mind to make these changes effective.  

Your old habits are rooted in your neurology. To replace unworkable positions, you need to rewire your brain. Many of the things you took on when you were a child are unconscious. To change, you have to get your subconscious mind on board to make the changes effective. 

To do this, you need two things: repetition and emotion. You can’t just go: “I understand I’ve been a victim, I stop right now” and expected to work. 

You have to reach and replace the inaccurate and outdated thoughts ingrained in the subconscious mind that is holding you back. It is vital to utilize the process herein to replace these old thoughts. You must do this for a minimum of 30 days with emotion!

Incorporate Gratitude  into Your Daily Regime

One thing that will help you change the ingrained thoughts in your mind is to adopt a habit of gratitude! Every night before bed (and first thing in the morning if you choose), adopt the practice of acknowledging at least ten things that happened during the day for which you are grateful!

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Incorporate visualization:

Another habit that helps you transform the thoughts in your subconscious mind is visualization. Starting today, visualize yourself with your new habits and do so under various circumstances. 

Successful steps for visualization are:

a) Believe you can achieve your dreams, 

b) See yourself successfully achieving what you want (make sure to include other people, etc. 

c) See yourself celebrating your successes

d) Rinse and repeat

Raise Your Conscious Awareness. 

Become more aware of your thoughts! Any time you catch yourself expressing yourself in a disempowering way, stop yourself immediately and go “cancel, clear” or “cancel, cancel” immediately. Next, replace whatever you are thinking with a positive thought that empowers you to take action and create the life of your dreams.

Use the Mirror

For 30 days, practice standing in front of the mere and say to yourself, ‘I’m in charge of my life, and I deserve to have everything I desire in a perfect way!

Focus on Believing in yourself and your abilities. 

Be conscious of believing in yourself and your abilities to create the life of your dreams. You are in charge and responsible for creating your dreams.  

Now take massive action towards your goals!


Our minds control virtually everything we do. Our thoughts and emotions run our minds, and many of these are things we have installed unconsciously. Additionally, lots of things we believe are not necessarily true. These distortions of reality keep us stuck and deeply hurt our chances of having an extraordinary life.

You can create the life you want by accepting total responsibility for your life, releasing any resemblance of victim consciousness and blame, and taking 100% charge of your life. 

“I control my life, and only I am responsible for it.” If I want something different, that is up to me, and I can do it!

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