The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Do you know how to use emotional intelligence to create great relationships? Do you want a better relationship, especially with someone who is important to you?

Additionally, do you know that mastering emotional intelligence skills can help you dramatically improve most areas of your life? It can help to lower stress, improve your health, and to dramatically improve your relationships, whether personal or work, etc.? 


Over the last years, you have likely heard the term “Emotional Intelligence.” You’ve also likely heard that simply learning about and mastering emotional intelligence can have a dramatic positive effect on your life.

But what do these statements really mean? 

What Is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence - Turning the bad into good (OR GREAT)
Emotional Intelligence – Turning the bad into good (OR GREAT)

Emotional intelligence refers to your capacity to become conscious of and manage your own emotions. This mastery skill will also help you understand and positively influence the emotions of others. 

Sadly, most of the education we receive focuses on what to think when we grow up. We get virtually nothing on how to think and even less training on the effects of emotions.

As a result, few people give much thought to their emotional responses to life’s events and where these emotional responses come from, and why they have the intensity to do. (Personally, I find this fact to be confusing and sad.)  

After all, we are all emotional beings. It only takes getting upset by reacting to something to quickly realize that your emotions can override your logical thoughts in a nanosecond. The ability of your emotions to override your thoughts should be a significant motivator for you to want to learn more about emotional intelligence.

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Emotional Intelligence Versus Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence vs Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence vs Intelligence

Emotional intelligence should not be confused with the traditional definition of intelligence, which typically refers to your “cognitive” abilities such as memory, problem-solving, and critical thinking. 

In contrast, emotional intelligence focuses on your emotional reactions and responses. This includes a better understanding of your emotional responses, why they happen, i.e., the root cause, and what to do about them. Honing your emotional intelligence skill will provide you with much greater flexibility in life. 

Mastering your emotional intelligence requires improving skills in self-awareness, empathy, and self-regulating your own emotions. Mastering these abilities has many potential far-reaching positive effects that can affect virtually all areas of your life, from personal relationships to professional success. 

Emotional Intelligence and Relationships

Emotional Intelligence can help you dramatically Improve your relationships
Emotional Intelligence can help you dramatically improve your relationships.

As I’m sure you’re aware, how you respond emotionally in your relationships can dramatically affect the success of those relationships. In fact, your emotional intelligence is a significant contributing factor to whether you can even maintain a healthy relationship. After all, if you get upset all the time, how do you think your reactions will affect your partner and, in turn, your relationship?

Having strong emotional intelligence skills helps you communicate much more effectively as you are far more able to stay calm in virtually anyone situation and get your point across. Staying calm also dramatically assists you in listening to others. As a result, you can observe and control your own emotional responses in virtually any situation. 

Additional Benefits of Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Another fantastic benefit is recognizing when you’re upset, following your emotional responses back to the root cause, and then transforming them by releasing them from your neurology. 

Increasing your emotional intelligence skillset also helps you be more aware of and understand your own emotional responses and those of others. Additionally, emotional intelligence can help you better manage your emotions, especially during stressful situations, as you have increased awareness. 

You are considerably better equipped to handle stress and difficult situations that relationships can trigger when you have solid emotional intelligence. The bottom line is that improving your emotional intelligence can lead to a much more fulfilling and satisfying life. 

The Benefits of Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

There are many benefits to improving your emotional intelligence. 

These amazing benefits include:

– Being able to deal with social situations with greater ease and a sense of peace as you will have less anxiety in most social situations. 

– Being better able to handle stressful and uncomfortable situations as your increased emotional intelligence will provide you with skills to help support the overall quality of your relationships.  

– Better communication skills: A direct benefit is that when you have strong emotional intelligence skills and capabilities, you can better understand and communicate with the people in your life in most situations. 

Founders of Safe Conversations, a powerful way to improve your relationships

– Increases your ability to “Act” instead of “react.” Increasing your emotional intelligence helps you to understand your emotional responses. This will help you to overcome troublesome reactions by understanding their root causes and then transforming them. 

– Emotional intelligence can help you better manage your own emotions. We can all be prisoners of our emotions at some point. Our environment can trigger current and buried emotions that throw us off-center. The great news is that if you have strong emotional intelligence skills, you are considerably better equipped to handle stress and difficult situations. This will help you maintain a more positive outlook on the situation and life overall. 

– Improving your emotional intelligence can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. A strong emotional intelligence can be a strong driving force for more fulfillment and satisfaction in all areas of your life. Suppose you’re able to effectively manage your own emotions, communicate effectively and understand the also e emotional states of others. In that case, you’ll be able to have a much more grounded and powerful life. Gone will be the wasted time and energy in emotional-driven situations that don’t support you being all you can be. 

– Improving your health. Emotional Intelligence Is Essential for Overall Health and Wellness. Not only is emotional intelligence key to maintaining healthy relationships, but it’s also essential for overall health and wellness. If you’re spending a lot of your time emotionally charged or upset, it can have many potentially serious long-term adverse effects on your overall health and well-being.

– When you’re able to manage your emotions effectively, it’s less likely that you’ll experience adverse health effects due to stress. Additionally, emotional intelligence can help you better cope with difficult situations. Therefore, emotional intelligence is essential for overall health and wellness. 

Know that if you can manage your emotions effectively, it is much more likely that you’ll be able to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life and have a much better quality of relationships. 

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How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. It is a critical skill for success in both personal and professional life. There are many ways to improve emotional intelligence, including:

– Self-Awareness: improving your emotional intelligence starts with becoming more aware of yourself and your reactions. You’re able to ask yourself questions as to why you’re upset and what is the original cause of what’s going on. 

The simple act of being aware of your own emotions and how they impact your thoughts and behaviors

– Self-regulation: once you become more aware of your emotional responses and their causes, it gives you the ability to manage your emotions in a constructive way better. For example, if you get upset, you’re able to question yourself as to why you’re upset. You can then deal with the root cause of your upset before it affects anyone else. 

Increase your empathy
Increase Your Empathy

Empathy: Understanding the cause of your own upset helps you empathize with others and realize that they also have similar triggers. A certain understanding and responding to the emotions of others

– Social skills: effectively communicating, collaborating, and networking with others

It’s a Life-Long Skill You Can Start Today

The great news is you don’t have to be an expert on any of these overnight. These skills can be learned in theory and then developed through practice and intentional effort. For example, you can become more self-aware by paying attention to your emotional reactions in different situations. Next, you can journal about them. This can help you reach a more profound sense of calmness. 

Your new and improved self-regulation skills can be practiced through various stress management techniques such as deep breathing and visualization. 

Additionally, mastering empathy can be cultivated by listening deeply to others and seeking to understand their perspectives. This ad perspective makes it much easier to have compassion and care for others even in difficult times.

Stick with it!!

Improving or mastering emotional intelligence can require time and effort! Remind yourself that the benefits will far outweigh any costs, and the effort is well worth it. Individuals, such as you are becoming, with high emotional intelligence are better able to navigate life’s challenges, build stronger relationships, and achieve more success in virtually any area of your life. 

If you’re looking to boost your emotional intelligence, start with the outlined methods listed above!


Improving emotional intelligence can profoundly impact many areas of your life. If you feel like you could use a little work in this area, don’t worry – you’re not alone, as emotional intelligence skills are not something that is taught in schools, nor is it a skill set that most people master, let alone even hear about in general you.

Emotional intelligence can dramatically positively affect virtually any aspect of your life. Understand that it is simply a learned skill that you can learn and then incorporate into almost every area of your life, especially your personal and professional relationships. 

Whether you’re trying to build better relationships or become a more well-rounded person, increasing your emotional intelligence can help you get there. The good news is that emotional intelligence can be learned and mastered. You just have to start, and today is a great day to begin.

There are plenty of ways to improve your emotional intelligence, and we hope this article has given you some ideas about where to start. 


Now Create a remarkable life. 

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