How to Use Forgiveness to Positively Improve your Health.

How to Use Forgiveness to Positively Improve your Health.

Do you have somebody you don’t want to forgive in your life? Did someone do something that upset you or that you judge that their actions were incorrect or, at a very minimum, distasteful? Is there one or more people from your past that you had issues with, where, as soon as their name is mentioned, you feel yourself getting upset? Do you understand how to use forgiveness to improve your health, and improve the quality of your life?

By not forgiving, you sit on stored emotional energy from your past. There is growing evidence that these un-processed, unexpressed emotional events from the past can resurface in the form of various diseases. By releasing the energy associated with past events through forgiveness, you can have the potential to help yourself the most. The simple act of forgiveness can help you resolve and release trapped emotional experiences associated with past events. The good news is that you can benefit the most by Mastering Forgiveness! 

Will Smith and Chris Rock

The recent scandal at the 2022 Oscars is a prime example of the need to let go of judgment. 

Chris Rock made a poor choice for his comment about Will Smith’s wife, who has alopecia. Chris Rock’s comment struck a nerve with Will Smith. It was clear that Will Smith had considerable energy around his wife’s going on. Chris Rock’s comments triggered that stored energy enough so that it caused a usually grounded Will Smith to react (or overreact) go on stage and slap Chris Rock.

If Will Smith did not have a charge around his wife and her alopecia (i.e., stored energy), Chris Rock’s comment would have had minimal effect. It is more likely that Smith would’ve responded with something as simple as a “booooooo!” versus his blatant physical attack.

This exchange shows the power of emotional energy that you could unknowingly hold on to in your body!

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Your Emotional Experience 

A fantastic thing about being human is that we are emotional beings! Our ability to experience and express ourselves emotionally adds so much depth to our lives. We are so lucky we have this ability. 

Unfortunately, as in everything else being human, we got no operator’s manual. As such most people don’t understand much about their emotional experiences and, for the most part, take their emotions for granted.

In essence, an emotional experience has three main components: 

a) the stimulus that triggers the emotion; 

b) the emotional experience and 

c) the expression and release of the emotional experience. 

To fully experience the emotion, we need to do all three! Many times this doesn’t happen, especially when you are young. Unfortunately, there are too many times that we don’t express all three components. As such, many emotional experiences are never fully expressed and are stuck in our neurology.

Trapped Emotions

In essence, these unresolved emotional experiences become known as “trapped emotions!” This is an emotional experience that was initiated but never fully resolved. This trapped emotional energy stays inside of you, and depending on how often you think about it, that discomfort circulates in your neurology or comes to the surface. 

These trapped emotions can have significant effects on your health. There is growing evidence that these unresolved emotions are the root cause of many diseases. By failing to forgive someone, you hurt the most. And the irony is there not usually aware of our judgment.

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The Downside of Trapped Emotions

These trapped emotions can have significant effects on your health. There is growing evidence that these unresolved emotions are the root cause of many diseases. By failing to forgive someone, it’s you that you hurt the most. And the irony is there not usually aware of our judgment.

Understanding Judgment 

If I swear or curse at you in any other language, one that you don’t understand, what will be your response? Will you get upset, or will my comment(s) by themselves – (i.e., without emotion) trigger anything inside you? Will you even respond?

It isn’t very likely! After all, if you don’t understand what is being said by others, how can you give it any meaning? Yes, your body may pick up other signs, but even that will likely have a limited response. (Depending on whether there is a perceived physical threat.)

To give something meaning, you have to have had an experience in the past that is similar (enough) to current events, or the event has to be a perceived physical threat. You will consciously or unconsciously relate to past events that are already wired into your neurology. The more emotional charge there is in the original event, OR the more the event is tied to basic survival, the greater your response will be. 

When you get upset about something, it is because you can give it meaning based on your past experiences. In other words, your judgment is simply a result of being able to relate to what is going on outside of yourself. The meaning you give to current events is based on our own interpretation.

Your Trapped Emotions

There are many downsides related to trapped emotions. The first is as you resolve the energy, and it is still ready to be triggered. You can become triggered quite quickly. If you know someone who gets upset about a law, it’s likely that proceeding on a lot of emotions during the process. 

The next thing is this trapped energy has a life of its own. This trapped 

emotional energy stays inside of you and depending on how often you think about it or that exterior events trigger it, that discomfort circulates in your neurology. 

Next, these trapped emotions can have significant effects on your health. There is growing evidence that these unresolved emotions are the root cause of many diseases. By failing to forgive someone, you hurt the most. And the irony is there not usually aware of our judgment.

Judgments Trigger Trapped Emotions

When you are in judgment, those thoughts are attached to the unresolved energy from the past. As a result, it can be easy to overreact, or your thinking can become distorted as it also has the power to pass! It is the old energy that gives the judgment its power! 

The more you can resolve your unresolved emotional issues, the greater peace you’ll find within yourself. When you judge you are hurting yourself the most, you’re creating a new emotional experience to store in your neurology!

In a perfect world, these emotional experiences get resolved when they occur! As you are getting charged today, it can indicate that something from your past hasn’t wasn’t fully processed when it happened. As a result, what is going on today is perceived as a threat due to your past emotional experience. 

The Gifts Found in Your Judgments

You have trapped emotions that you are not aware. We all have trapped emotions. Unfortunately, these unexpressed emotions usually remain below conscious awareness. Irrelevant of when they happen, your trapped emotion can be hard to discover. After all, some of these emotional charges can go back to your early years! I know I found emotional charges that went back to when I was a toddler. 

If you can bring your judgments to awareness, you can ask yourself a better question! For example, when you’re upset, you can ask yourself: “Why my upset right now?” Even more critical: “When was the first time I felt this discomfort?” and then wait for an answer. 

These simple questions can help you connect to and resolve the original issue! A wonderful byproduct is that this can help to make your life way more peaceful and joyful! The gift is that your own judgment can show you where you need to go and what you need to let go of from your past. It acts as a roadmap to show you what you need to heal deep inside yourself!

The Benefits of Forgiveness

As mentioned, judgments are a roadmap to your emotional wounding! Hanging on to these wounds can be a risk to your health! Forgiveness can help you resolve what’s happening today and even the original event! 

In fact, according to an article in Medical Daily, “The benefits of forgiveness may go beyond the constructive consequences that have been established in the psychological and health domains,” researchers write. “Our research shows that forgivers perceive a less daunting world and perform better on challenging physical tasks.”

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According to a recent article on HERE who references a report by the Mayo Clinic. They state that “forgiveness brings plenty of health benefits, including improved relationships, decreased anxiety and stress, less hostility, lower blood pressure, a lowered risk of depression, a stronger immune and heart health, and even better relationships.” 

If we don’t forgive, we continue to carry this weight from our past when we don’t have to! The simple act of forgiveness can help us forgive both ourselves and everything and everyone else and freeze up this energy within us! By incorporating forgiveness, it is you that benefits the most. 

The simple process of incorporating a habit of forgiveness for virtually everything in your life and all releases this negative energy. It will also provide many side benefits such as lower levels of stress, greater joy and happiness, increased sense of calm, clear thoughts, and release of barriers to intimacy and connection! 


We, humans, are emotional beings! Emotions bring us phenomenal depth and joy in our lives. Our lives would be much, very bland without emotions.

 And yet we were not always great at managing those emotions. Like everything, we humans got no instructions. As a result, many times, we will

It’s easy for someone else to accidentally trigger one of these trapped emotions. When this happens, a response can be intense, and we can be very judgemental. The most powerful tool we have for changing this is forgiveness of ourselves and especially the other person. 

The simple act of forgiveness gives us the power to transform ourselves and how we see the world. Additionally, it can have considerable benefits to our health and well-being, relationships, stress or hurt, and overall success in life. The benefits far outweigh anything we get from being judgmental.

Forgiveness is your way out to freedom and a better life!

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