Use hypnosis to change old and unproductive beliefs that don't serve you.
Change Old Beliefs

The Power of Your Mind is Truly Remarkable!

Your mind is extraordinary! It can help you step past limitations if you have the know-how! The grey matter between your ears can be the difference between a great life and a life of mediocrity. If you know how to use your mind to the best of your abilities, you can use your mental powers to achieve fantastic success. A great thing is that you can change old beliefs that hold you back using hypnosis.

A great thing to understand is that your life moves towards the physical equivalent of your predominant thoughts and feelings. If you change what you focus on, it will help you change what you create! This is incredibly powerful!

While many people are aware of this fact, most people fail to apply this knowledge and use it effectively in their lives. My question is, are you one of those people? You are in the right place, as I am about to show you how to overcome this significant problem.

Learn to Use Your Mind Consciously!

Learn to Use your mind for your benefit

If you’re like most people, it may seem that changing your random thinking is not that easy. It can seem like your thoughts, though they don’t always serve you are ingrained in inflexibility.

This assumption is far from the case. You simply need to understand how to change stored memories. Additionally, there is an emotional component that affects many of your thoughts. These also can be affected positively through hypnosis. When you have an emotional response to something, you will tend to go into a form of “automatic thinking.” An emotional response means that something outside of you (an external event) has triggered something within you. Your mind can very quickly associate an external event with stored memory. 

Once triggered, your subconscious programs take over. All too often, these thought systems rehash old memories tied to stored emotions. This process can keep you stuck and stop you from moving toward the life you want.

Your dominant thoughts and feelings can restrict your life. Most people don’t realize that your emotional charges are a roadmap to things you need to work through. Remember, we’ve been programmed for survival and are always looking for threats! When these emotional memories surface, they can be associated with ancient perceived threats that may not even be real.

An incredible power you hold is your ability to use your conscious mind to alter your buried programmed thinking. By changing these old thought patterns, you can replace them with well-designed and current thoughts that are more positive. You can also ensure that your thoughts now align with your true desires. This will help you to create the life experiences that you want.

I know that this may appear to be daunting, but it’s not really. You can use the simple hypnosis techniques below to help you create remarkable changes. The bottom line is you need to use your conscious mind to reprogram your subconscious mind. After all, your subconscious mind runs a lot of what goes on in your life, all in the background.

One of the best tools to recondition your subconscious mind for success is to utilize the process of self-hypnosis.


Symbol for Hypnosis

While few people understand or utilize hypnosis, it is incredibly effective and easy to learn and use. In fact, with technological breakthroughs and advances in mind conditioning, it is possible to create profound and lasting change by using various self-hypnosis processes. 

What Is Hypnosis

In simple terms, hypnosis is a process where you slow your brain down or put it into a state of relaxation. Most of the time, our brains are active and operate in what is known as a “beta” frequency.

In contrast, your brain operates in Alpha and Theta frequencies, much lower and slower frequencies than Beta when you are young. As you know, children take in information quite easily, including absorbing languages. At about age 7, our brains change. Your brain spends most of its time in “Beta” from now on. The notable exceptions are when you are sleeping or in a state of deep relaxation.


The process of Hypnosis helps you to relax your mind and thoughts and slow your brain to the frequencies that you operated in when you were a child. This will help you absorb information more efficiently and effectively by being more open to suggestions. By slowing your brain down, you can get to your subconscious mind and make deep-seated and long-lasting changes.

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Your New Process-Take Personal Control – You Can Do This Yourself. 

With a little bit of simple training, it is possible and easy for you to enter a hypnotic trance by yourself. Once you have relaxed, you will give yourself your own carefully chosen post-hypnotic suggestions. Once you learn how to do this, you can do this just as effectively as a trained hypnotherapist.

Steps Before Hypnosis

Step One – Decide

Decide what you want to change. Identify a habit, thinking pattern, or something holding you back from living the life you want


Step Two – Decide How You Want To Be Different.

Determine how you want your life to be. Be as clear as you can! How do you see your life being different? What is a new habit that you want to incorporate into your life to replace what you’ve been doing so far?

For example, a problem that you want to overcome is that you are eating too much junk food. What do you want to replace this with? Say your new habit is to only eat a Mediterranean diet for simple terms.

Step Three: Create your affirmations of change

Once you have decided what you want to achieve or what change, write down affirmations that reflect your desires. Create simple affirmations that you can repeat while in the deeper stages of trance (which we will discuss shortly.) Make sure that you word these statements in the first and third, as though you were talking to yourself and someone else with your name. 

For example, if you wish to develop more confidence, you would write “I grow more confident every day” and then “[state your name] you grow more confident every day.”

Step Four – Add Visualization


The more sensory modalities such as sound and visualization you provide to your brain, the more effective this process will become. An outstanding method to include is visualization.

While using the basic hypnotic induction, create a mental picture of what that new “confident you” looks like. Additionally, imagine how you will feel once you have this new confidence. Exactly how does that “new and improved” you walk with confidence? How do you interact with others? How does the new you talk with confidence, etc.? How do you react to everyday life or the stress of dealing with others? How has your thinking changed, and how is it affecting your day-to-day living?

When you reach a “trance” state, you will find many benefits. First of all, It can be very relaxing. Saying that a word of caution can be so relaxing that many people fall asleep. So don’t get too relaxed unless you listen to prerecorded sessions where you can sleep. 

How to Enter a State of Hypnosis:

To get there, you will use an induction which is simply a way to relax. To create the state of trance found in hypnosis is relatively easy. In simple terms:

a) First, find a quiet, restful place where you will not be disturbed. Turn off all technology and anything else that may interrupt you. Once in your peaceful place, sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Keep your head looking straight ahead and lift your eyes to look at a spot on the wall just above eye level.

B) Take five deep breaths and then count down from 20 down to 10 in a slow manner until you feel your eyes start to strain. Once you reach 10, close your eyes. Allow your eyelids to remain closed and continue counting until you reach the number 1.

C) Now, imagine that you are at the top of a long winding staircase with 20 steps.

Go Deeper, into states of mind more open to change!

Move to the first step as you mentally say:

“20. Going down, down, down. Deeper, deeper, and ever deeper. Then imagine taking take one step down. Once there, say,

“19. Deeper and deeper still”. Then move to the next step and say,

“18. Going down, down, down. Deeper, deeper, and ever deeper.

Then the following saying, “17. Deeper and deeper still.”

Continue this until you reach the last step and imagine that the staircase has led you to a door. While still keeping your eyes closed, see yourself opening the door. Open the door and see what is there.

D) You are now in your own special sanctuary where you can completely relax and are safe at all times.

Once you enter your sanctuary, perform the mental exercise described above by replacing what you are doing with new affirmations and visualization.

E) When you have finished your exercises, count up slowly from 1 to 10, telling yourself that you are becoming wide awake with every number. 

Come back to the present moment

Once at number 10, say eyes open wide awake!

When you return to normal consciousness, you will find that you are fully revitalized yet calm and relaxed.


Make it a habit of performing this simple self-hypnosis process every day for 30 days. You will begin to notice that you are ingraining the changes you have outlined, and they’re slowly becoming a part of you. You have used a very effective way to create permanent changes in your mind and body.

Bring the new you to life!

Create the new you = OR life stays the same!

Use creative hypnosis and visualization to help you create your new life. See yourself step into this new reality confident that you have become that person. 

Afterward, you should recite your affirmations while thinking, feeling, and imagining you walk, talk, dress, and approach life as this confident “other” you!

This form of self-hypnosis incorporates NLP and is used to directly program your subconscious to help you create that “confident you” in the real world. The affirmations act as post-hypnotic suggestions. This will help to reinforce the NLP work and ensure that your subconscious mind holds the correct “self-talk.” This new inner dialogue can rapidly help you program your mind with positive messages.

Self-Hypnosis Recordings

Self hypnosis recordings

You can supplement your own inductions with prerecorded hypnosis recordings. All you have to do is go to YouTube and find many, many varieties of hypnosis-based recordings.

Again, before doing this, I would like to state that you’ll get the best results by doing self-hypnosis as described above. This will ensure you enter a deep state of relaxation and will be your voice that you hear telling you to make a change.

Saying that, if you only go to YouTube, you will find many sound self-hypnosis recordings. An excellent way to find eases search, hypnosis, subliminal, sleep tapes, etc.

You’ll find each one has an outline of the focus of the recordings.

Many of the new recordings, some by the best available hypnotherapists, include advanced technologies that help facilitate change. These can consist of binaural beat technology, which trains the brain to enter into specific mental states ideal for learning and reconditioning. There are also subliminal recordings where the suggestions are not audibly recognizable. Some variations also include various powerful NLP exercises.

Find the One Right Topic for You

The recordings available online cover a wide variety of topics. Search through them until you find the one that speaks to you. You can even find recordings longer than eight hours. This way, you can play the recording in the background while sleeping. Remember sleeping, in some ways, is nature’s way of putting you into a state where you are open to suggestions. 

Choose something you want to change or improve

(On a personal note, I have used the long recording with both speakers and headphones in bed, which appeared to help me sleep more soundly.) 

An advantage of using premade tapes or recording your self-made recordings is that it gives you freedom versus using your conscious mind. This will help you get into a deeper and more receptive state of being.

Create Self-Made Recordings

If you prefer to make your own hypnotic recordings, which many people do, you must utilize the process above. First, define a clear intention/objective. Ask yourself what you want to achieve from this not session. Know that you can use the process of self-hypnosis very effectively to make any mental or emotional change you desire. 

A Word Of Caution

Unfortunately, many recordings are of poor quality, both in their sound and the recorded suggestions. As many of these are also subliminal, it’s is virtually impossible to understand or find out what is actually on the recordings.

When using third-party recordings, it will require that you are cautious with the ones that you utilize. Look for qualified providers who have a background in hypnosis or therapy!


Most of us have internal processes that keep us stuck. They can even come from the beliefs we took on when we were mere children still, and they can still run us. These processes are ingrained in our subconscious minds, so they can be tricky to change if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Celebrate the new you

To make an effective change, you need to work with your subconscious mind. This is not as simple as changing a conscious thought. Your subconscious mind fortuitously doesn’t change quickly, or if it did, we’d be mostly a bunch of dimwits.

These self-defeating processes can often be buried deep in our subconscious minds and tricky to change. The make effective change, we need to get our subconscious mind on board and involved in the change process. 

A very effective way of dealing with your subconscious mind is through a process called hypnosis. With hypnosis, you put yourself into a state of being similar to how you were as a young child. In this state, you’re more open to hypnotic suggestions.

Now that you understand the process of self-hypnosis, you can use it to make any change you desire. The limitations are yours only.

Create the life of your dreams! 

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