How to Overcome Obstacles to Making Money Online

There are many obstacles to making money online that you will have to overcome if you want to create long-term income. And, like anything, there are obstacles to success that you will have to overcome.

There are many reasons to want to create money online, especially with the current state of the global economy. Personally, I have many reasons for making money online 2020 and they come from a number of both positive and negative underlying drivers. For example:

Potential Reasons for making money online

I’ve started my own businesses in the past and love working for myself vs. being someone’s employee 🙂

I’m older and its harder to find traditional employment if I need income;

Having an online business can ould provide considerable personal freedom;

It is fun to try something new and master a new skillset

I love a challenge

I love new ways to connect with people

I love helping others

The world is so unpredictable right now that having a personally driven income stream at least puts some control in my own hands.

If you are new to online income streams, it is going to require that you think outside of your past conditioning.

Now let’s get to the obstacles to success that you are going to need to address:

Obstacles to creating money online – the most common ones:

  1. Misconceptions:

If you ever watch YouTube it’s likely you had advertisements pop up on your feet. Many so-called grooms are trying to sell courses that give you the idea that making money online is easy. The reality is that while doable, simply put, it is not as easy as some of the so-called and gurus trying to sell you (overpriced) courses will try to make you think.

In reality, making money online in 2020 or any other time is not as easy as a lot of people make it seem.

Don’t get me wrong! Basically, there is nothing overly complicated about making money online. But, like any industry or any business, there are knowledge and skills that you will need to learn and then master if you want to be truly successful and achieve an amazing lifestyle.

And if you’re older, you may have additional issues where you’re going to have to let go of some traditional ways of thinking about commerce and connecting with people. Much of the online world operates similarly yet differently than traditional commerce.

You will need to learn new skills. These focus on 1) external knowledge and 2)self-mastery:

  1. As far as learning new skills. These include but are not limited to:
  • Creating websites;
  • Mastering search engine optimization-after all people have to be able to find you;
  • Marketing – you need customers to buy your products. you are going to need to learn copywriting, understanding what motivate people, understanding free and paid advertising for the people can find your products or services, Learn and integrating social media platforms to help you reach people,

2.) On the personal side you need to learn to master yourself. This is just as important as outside skills. This includes addressing things like:

having realistic expectations – and understanding that building the business will take time,

maintaining optimism

committing to an end result of not quitting,

implementing self-discipline supported by powerful work ethic,

taking massive action and giving your skills time to blossom.

Most of all, maintaining a commitment to learning and being open to implementing new skills. The online world is changing quickly and requires the ability to be able to adapt. For example, a lot of the online opportunities are influenced by three companies Google, Amazon, and Facebook, all of these companies have a tendency to change their criteria over time in order to improve their own business models.

There are many stories of people who created businesses only to see their cash flow back for a doodle changed by one of these pre-companies. Convening instantly going back to the drawing board and redesign your whole business.

Yes like any business or optical online business the upside potential can be life-changing and can provide quality of life people as many cases never seen before in the history of humanity.

Do I think it worthwhile that you give us a shot-ABSOLUTELY! And the sooner you get going the better.

Make sure you set up a support network as many times to support will keep you going! Our goal here at is to continually support you in your journey.

Were all in this together let’s and all help each other

Take Action and Change your Life for the Better !

We are here to support you!!