Have you ever wondered if its time to Change your Mindset?

Your Mindset Runs You!

Your mindset is your personal filter set which sits between you and reality. It is a collection of beliefs that you adopted over the course of your life, many of which were installed before you were seven years old. It is through this filter that you interpret the world and it is based on this that you make  decisions and take actions.  Your mindset determines and ether enhances or limits your overall quality of life.   Is It time to Change your mindset (now)!

We all have our own individual “mindset”, (something I speak about quite a bit.) It is our own unique set of experiences that have resulted in beliefs about the world, ourselves and others.

Your mindset filters, or more accurately, distorts the way that you look at all areas of your life. It is in essence it is what will determine whether you will be happy or unhappy, successful or unsuccessful etc.

How Your Mindset Is Constructed

There are a number of contributing factors that affect how you constructed your personal mindset.

First of all, for the most part it is constructed unconsciously.

Many of the major contributing factors occurred in the early years of your life. They are the result of type of upbringing you had and your early life experiences. Also the beliefs that were installed in you by your caregivers, life experiences and other people around you. This also includes interpretations of events in your life. Remember these are made by a young child!

If you’re upbringing was safe and loving it is likely that you’ll see the world as such. If your environment was chaotic, unsafe, unloving, it will dramatically affect how you construct your mindset.

Many times we make on our mindset in a random fashion. Most people maintain this for their lifetime. Many of the core beliefs that make up the foundation of our mindset come from random events and again, more importantly from a child’s interpretation.

Your Mindset Runs You and Limits or Enhances Your Life

While most of the foundation beliefs for your mindset were installed when you were young, know that you will have taken on many of your beliefs unquestioned. As a result , you will tend to repeat various thinking patterns throughout your lives – unless you decide you want more time. This is a link to a great animated video explaining Fixed vs Growth Mindset HERE

The Results of the Negative Upbringing

If you grew up in an environment that was unsafe , unloving or didn’t meet your core needs afe you’re going to tend to what’s known as a “fixed” mindset. Unconsciously it’s designed to keep you safe in the perceived unsafe world. A fixed mindset can cause you to f try to keep yourself safe. This can result in a propensity for negative focused beliefs or assumptions about an experience or a person etc.

This can cause you to feel unhappy/disappointed with your life or with your current experiences. This can also cause you to look for what is wrong, (in others, the situation ) ignoring potential possibilities and leaves you with a negative experience were other options were possible.

Results of Positive Upbringing.

Here is a good link to a video on Developing a Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck HERE

If you grew up in an environment was safe you’ll be much more open to seeing possibilities in the world. You will feel more comfortable in yourself to take chances. You will see challenges as opportunities for growth. You can see feedback as a way of bettering yourself. You will not feel the need to be so defensive. You have what’s known as a “growth” mindset.

People with growth based mindset’s tend to take like more in stride and are generally happier and more productive.

Check our our blog post on becoming more positive HERE

Our Mindsets Become Our Reality

As you repeat this mindset, it becomes your reality and you end up living out your life with these limitations-unless you become more aware! We take our thinking for granted and most people fail to challenge some of their base assumptions. This in turn can keep people stuck in a rut and not living the life that they want to.

Your Mindset Is Not Fixed In Stone

The great news is that if you can change your mindset!

If you find that you are not getting results you want you can change. Know that it is totally possible to change your mindset. If you find yourself always looking for what’s wrong know that that is just a point of view. As a point of view you took on most likely as a result of chaos in your early life.

Again, your mindset is nothing more than a collection of beliefs that you’ve taken on in a rather disorganized fashion. A lot of your underlying beliefs were taken on by a child, yup your two-year-old self runs you!

By doing the work to change your mindset, it can result in you quickly transforming your viewpoint or perspective. This in turn can dramatically improve your quality of life for the better. This is because your fundamental mindset has a pervasive effect on your judgement and in turn your actions. 

If you have a predominantly negative or fixed mindset , in the past affect it affected your viewpoint in a negative way.  AND, simply, if you shift to a “Growth” based mindset, you will begin to see opportunities that you would have overlooked in the past.

You will see your mind thoughts shift from a focus on what’s wrong, or what doesn’t work to the amazing world of possibility. You will see possibilities that you never would’ve seen before. This can be in all areas of your life, work, friendships, relationships, parenting, health, wealth – yup everything

Amazing Change(s)  Start  With Simply Increasing Your Awareness

To make these changes, basically you have to wake up! You have to wake up to what’s been so far hidden from your conscious thoughts. Most of what we all do is simply the result of unconscious (unquestioned) beliefs. We accepted as “what is” when it’s none of that!

When you bring your unconscious thinking into awareness you’ll start to question why you do what you do. This in turn will open you to a whole new world!

Next, Is to Analyze What You Are And Have Been Doing!

The next action is to start to question what you’re doing and also the underlying “why” that drives your actions.  

Why do I have this stance or line of thinking?

Where did I learn this?

Did I take this on as a defense against something that was happening in my life?

Can I let it go now?

More importantly, what is I really want?

Again, it is so important to increase your awareness of yourself and your thoughts! Most of us pay very little attention to what we do and why? In turn, most people stay stuck in lives that hold them back. Now that you’re more aware, understand that you have a major heads up on most people!

Some Flags to Look For To Help You Become More Aware!

Having A Negative Focus

Do you tend to focus on what’s wrong or what hasn’t worked in the past?

If you are always fixating your attention on the disappointments or mistakes you or other people have made, even after years ago, this is a sure indication that your mindset is tainted with negativity.

To begin to change this mindset, take some time to think about those things in your life that you are thankful for because it will help keep the negative thoughts from completely overwhelming your perspective. Take on and master Gratitude as a can dramatically transform how you see the world. This will help you to move towards a growth mindset.

Understanding The Downside of Negative Thinking!

There is a fundamental underlying and unconscious belief operating in the background when you focus on negative thinking. Somewhere you believe that you didn’t have the power to change your results, or that or to put it in blunt language, you are holding an (unconscious and unspoken) belief that you are a victim.

In many cases a negative mindset is a clear flag that below this is a belief that you lack your own personal power to make change. To protect the ego we unconsciously see ourselves as a victim. This in turn stops us from looking at ourselves and seeing that it was ourselves up let us down.

If you put the blame elsewhere you (unconsciously) think you won’t  have to look at the real cause – yup look in the mirror. That we didn’t take the actions, stand up for / to  ourselves or tell our truths when we really need to it. By blaming someone else we give up our power and most of all we give up the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. It wasn’t someone else-we actually failed ourselves. By pointing the finger elsewhere we don’t take the actions to make the changes where we need them the most-with ourselves.

Having A Negative Mindset Hurts Us the Most

Holding onto a negative mindset hurts us the most as it stops us from making changes within. To really make changes you must  start with looking at yourself. A lot of people don’t start with their own limiting beliefs or change their mindset because they are too busy pointing the finger elsewhere.

People who are victims in general lack self-responsibility and they don’t see how their own actions have contributed to the results they have Continually seeing yourself as a victim, hinders your ability to change things and build a better life for yourself. This victim mentality is generally a by-product of low self-esteem. The only way to change this mindset is by deciding to reject the victim role and start creating something better for yourself. Complaining about reality won’t change it nor will blame or thinking you are a victim. Relentlessly complaining, is ultimately your refusal to acknowledge and accept the truth.

There are things in your life that you just can’t change, and refusing to see the world as it is, results in you no longer being able to tell fact from fiction. Take action and change those things that you can and accept those that you can’t. Begin NOW

You Become Angry When Your Expectations Aren’t Met

Another good indication that you are stuck is when you get angry when your expectations are not met.

Your expectations are a large part and a by-product of your mindset. They are what you believe to be necessary to have happen. If you find that you are always angry at the people / events in your life, or even at yourself, then you can tell that you have a fixed way of being. Also that your results are not meeting your unconscious expectations. 1) if you bring this to conscious awareness you will have a much better understanding of your hidden expectations. 2) You can look at these in detail and question why you want this and if it is even realistic, to begin with. Your expectations are what lays the groundwork for all of your your experiences, and if we have unrealistic expectations, we will never be satisfied with our life.

Change your Mindset = Change your life!

Changing your mindset isn’t easy, but it is one of the most powerful and rewarding things you can do for yourself. If you want new results, to create an amazing life make some changes. Learn  how to recognize your negative mindset and become more empowered to make the changes necessary to become more positive about your life.

YES, It’s Finally Time To Make The Shift:

Set The Goals you really want, know that you will reach them with a new and empowered mindset.  Never be willing to settle for anything less than achieving them. Know You Can Do It  _ And YOU WILL.

In the process of creating amazing change, you may have to face some of your deep-seated and likely hidden fears.  Know that with this new mindset, you will finally be able to, especially now that you understand what is really going on.

What will keep you going will be if you hold a you goals in front of you. Making vision board and put it on your wall and view it constantly. Affirm what you want to create never let it stray far from your mind.

Don’t settle for anything else want to change your life and scum start with being open to change.