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  • Fixed or Growth Mindset – How to Switch

    Do You Have a Fixed or Growth Mindset and Why It Matters What is a “Mindset?”  To begin, let’s talk about what constitutes a mindset.  Basically, your mindset is a way of thinking. It is your thoughts, beliefs, = your perspectives of the world around you. Your mindset is everything to you. Your mindset determines […]

  • Great Ways on How to Adopt a Powerful, “Success” Mindset?

    Do you have a “mindset” that will help you to be Successful in Life? A mindset is a collection of beliefs which for the most part you picked up randomly. Some mindsets support success and some don’t. Which one do you have? Do you know you can change your mindset?

  • Signs that it’s Time to Change Your Mindset (NOW)

    Signs that it’s Time to Change Your Mindset (NOW)

    Have you ever wondered if its time to Change your Mindset? Your Mindset Runs You! Your mindset is your personal filter set which sits between you and reality. It is a collection of beliefs that you adopted over the course of your life, many of which were installed before you were seven years old. It […]