Shadow Beliefs Demystified: Discovering the Secrets of Self-Sabotage 

If you are like most people, you think your conscious thoughts run your life.  You likely don’t know that there is a powerful force that shapes your thoughts, actions, and decisions from the shadows of your subconscious mind. The hidden drivers that can run your life are known as your “shadow beliefs.” They are often […]

How to Empower Your Intuition: Embracing Your Inner Superpower

Intuition is a powerful “inner” tool that we all possess. Unfortunately, if you are like most people, your intuition has been overlooked or ignored. Your intuition is your inner ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for your conscious reasoning. It might help you to know that many successful people, as you will see […]

How Your Shadow Self Can Keep You Stuck & How to Update it for Success

Introduction In a world increasingly driven by technology, it’s fascinating to consider the parallels between our minds and computers. Just like computers, we too have programming—deep-rooted beliefs and emotions that shape our thoughts, actions, and perception of the world. The irony, however, is that while we meticulously safeguard our precious gadgets, we often neglect the […]

How to Lower Stress to Improve Your Life?

Are you feeling Stressed

Stress is a pervasive issue in today’s fast-paced society. This has been made even worse over the past few years since the start of a pandemic! There are many causes of stress that we all experience. For example, it can result from interactions about work, disagreements with your family or friends, money issues, or virtually […]

Personal Development Topics That Will Help You Improve Your Life.

being a better person means learning new skills

According to Wikipedia, “Personal development” consists of activities that develop a person’s capabilities and potential, build human capital, facilitate employ-ability, enhance a person’s quality of life and help realize dreams and aspirations. There are many Personal Development topics that you can master that will help you to improve your Life.

How to Incorporate Mindfulness to Improve Your Life.

the power of mindfulness

We all hear the term “Mindfulness” bantered around these days. There are lots of stories that adopting a process of dedicated mindfulness is beneficial to your overall quality of life. What I do know is that there are more and more reasons to incorporate Mindfulness to Improve your LIfe, and the sooner the better!

13 Ways You Can Overcome Bad Habits

Over time you start to realize you develop habits or habitual ways of doing things. Eventually, you get to the point where you realize some of the habits you created don’t serve you. In fact many times we create habits that actually work against us being happy or successful. Continue to read to find ways […]

How to Overcome Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

Our beliefs can either support or hinder our success in life. Most of the beliefs we have were given to us as young children. We took them on unconsciously and without discernment. Some of these don’t serve u and simply need to be changed or updated!

Great Ways on How to Adopt a Powerful, “Success” Mindset?

Do you have a “mindset” that will help you to be Successful in Life? A mindset is a collection of beliefs which for the most part you picked up randomly. Some mindsets support success and some don’t. Which one do you have? Do you know you can change your mindset?

Signs that it’s Time to Change Your Mindset (NOW)

Have you ever wondered if its time to Change your Mindset? Your Mindset Runs You! Your mindset is your personal filter set which sits between you and reality. It is a collection of beliefs that you adopted over the course of your life, many of which were installed before you were seven years old. It […]