Create a better Life: Change Your Point of View

is it time to see things differently

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” Henry David Thoreau  Everything is About “Perspective” Does the way you see the world support you. Are you happy? Do you have great relationships? Do you enjoy your life? Do you consider yourself successful? Has it occured to you that how you see […]


One of the amazing things about us humans is our incredible inner power to create change. Change can come in many variations and at a variety of levels. This could be personal or even at a global level. Yes, we don’t always create change easily. As we are basically creatures of habit, for most people […]

How to Get Unstuck/ Upgrade Your Life (at Any Age!)

Welcome to (I.A.M)  My Name is Paul. I am delighted you have stopped by. is dedicated to helping you get unstuck!!!! No matter what areas of your life. (especially those over 40,) so you can have a great life.   Our focus at (I.A.M) is to provide you will solutions to overcome […]

Why you should focus on making money online!

It is estimated that there are over 4.5 billion people on the internet. This is a huge potential market, larger that anywhere by a lot. Tap into this market and change your life.