How to Find The “Gift” In Every Situation

There Is More to Any Situation Than it Appears. No matter what you do, there’s a good chance you will come up against roadblocks to success. It’s just part of life. At the time, it may appear to be overwhelming. Whatever has popped up would feel like everything you’ve done to date has been a […]

Signs that it’s Time to Change Your Mindset (NOW)

Have you ever wondered if its time to Change your Mindset? Your Mindset Runs You! Your mindset is your personal filter set which sits between you and reality. It is a collection of beliefs that you adopted over the course of your life, many of which were installed before you were seven years old. It […]

How Learning to be Innovative Can Transform Your Life

innovation is at the top of the success tree

The Power of Innovation Learning to be innovative can be one of the most powerful skills you can understand. When asked about creativity, or the ability to be creative, unfortunately, many people have a false belief that they simply lack this skill. “no, sorry, hahaha, that’s simply not me. I missed that gene.” The truth […]

How to Get Unstuck/ Upgrade Your Life (at Any Age!)

Welcome to (I.A.M)  My Name is Paul. I am delighted you have stopped by. is dedicated to helping you get unstuck!!!! No matter what areas of your life. (especially those over 40,) so you can have a great life.   Our focus at (I.A.M) is to provide you will solutions to overcome […]