11 Reasons to Make Money Online 2022 (in no particular order)

Make Money Online

There are many reasons to make money online in 2022. In fact, it is likely now more important than ever. And anyone can do it no matter what you age or skill set. Please understand that everything is learnable. Some great reasons for starting to make money online in 2022 are listed below.

Hey, you don’t have to dress like this if you make money online in 2021
  1. Current Economic Conditions:  This first point is obvious in today’s world. The COVID-19 virus has upended the world and has done so.  Many businesses are either temporarily closed or worse, have shut their doors permanently. Millions of people who had a steady job just a few months ago are now unemployed. Many of their former jobs will never come back. There will be a need for many people to re-educate, retrain, and find other ways of making a living. This could happen soon, especially as many places are beginning to loosen social restrictions.
  2. Unlimited Earning Potential: By starting a business online, how much you make is really only dependent on you.  For many people it will require learning some new skills and knowledge that is needed to be successful online. There are many ways to make money online. As a result, your income potential is only limited by your drive (and a little bit of money.)
  •  Huge Potential Customer Base: It is estimated that there are approximately 4.3 billion people on the Internet or have access to the Internet worldwide. This is an amazingly large potential customer base. Saying that, you only has to interact with small number of people to be successful online. The key is to always remember; “you have to get the right product in front of the right person and if you do this you will be very successful. With the Internet are many ways you can do this effectively and cheaply.
  • Short and Cheap Commute to Work: no more getting dressed up, hoping in the car or on bus, heading downtown to a job or wherever the job is located. The can work from the comfort of your home or virtually anywhere. Hey, you can also go to work in your underwear or even naked if you want to as most online opportunities do not require that you interact with the people other than online.
  1. There Lots of Ways to Make Money Online in 2020: (and you can do more than one). There are many ways to make money online and you are not restricted to one.  Many of thee opportunities you can get up and going and they will run themselves or you can automate them. For example, you could publish books, which you can either create yourself or hire others and to write them, you can source and sell products through Amazon, you can focus on an affiliate marketing, where you market other people’s products and receive a commission. You can even put together your own digital course and sell it online.  The opportunities are really up to you. (Will be discussing many of these in this blog over the next couple months.) Put’s you in the driver’s seat
  • Ability to Create Passive Income: instead of having to go to work were you paid by an hour, there are many things that you can do online and can make you money 24 hours a day even while you’re sleeping. For example, you can create a course that people pay for, or you could do affiliate marketing with the most part you can fully automated. You can sell products through Amazon that you never actually touch. These can be acquired 24 hours a day by people around the world and provide you with income. Again, the only limitation the possibilities is your knowledge and the energy you put into your endeavors.
  • Physical Freedom: Once you get going you can run your operation can virtually anywhere in the world that is once the plane started flying again. I have friends that  are constantly traveling and yet still run very successful online businesses that give them financial freedom.
  • Ability to Identify and Target Specific Markets: Historically, many methods for advertising and selling products or services was more of the “blanket” approach. Place an ad in the paper or on the radio/TV and hope someone sees or hears it. With tools like Facebook and Google, it allows you to fine-tune whom you market to right down to specifics. For example, let’s say you want to market a product to women between 50 and 60 who like to golf and train Golden Retrievers, well, you can do that and do it quite successfully!
  • There’s Lots of Training Available: Most of the ways to make money online are not rocket science and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are many ways to make money that are very successful and lucrative and you can learn how many times for free. Additionally there is no shortage of people offering courses which can be either free or inexpensive places like the Udemy.  There are also a lot of people selling courses online about making money online.  One warning, many of these are grossly overpriced and many under deliver.
  • Making money online  is fun and rewarding: There is nothing like the experience of waking up one morning and finding money in your bank account wasn’t there night before.  Thought comes your mind quickly, “hey, I can get used to this!!!” Once you start to get results, you will get excited about getting up in the morning.
  • You will connect with a lot of interesting people: the online world is mostly full of young people, but not limited to anyone. Anybody can do this. There are lots of interesting people to learn from  and sources online. There are also many decent people who give a lot of the knowledge you will need for free. You just have to learn and then take action, the more, the better.  For some of you, sometimes the issue is letting go of limited thinking, knowing you can do this, and then taking action and the more action the better.