These days, pretty well everyone has a computer.

In fact, it is likely that you’re reading this on one (or on your mini-computer – your phone or tablet.)

If you are using a computer, you probably understand the basics of how computers work.

There is a central processor or “brain” of the computer and then there are various software programs that facilitate the computer being able to do specific functions. It is likely that you conscious actions as to which programs to install and which ones to avoid.

If you want your computer to do something, you have to make sure that there is appropriate software installed on it. For example, if you want it to perform accounting functions, and you don’t have any accounting software on your computer, it’s not likely going to be much help.

If you own a computer, I’m sure that you are in the habit of looking for good, reputable software in order to keep your computer safe.

At the same time, you are likely very cautious of the “download this” opportunities to add unknown software to your computer. 

To keep your computer safe virtually everyone has some form of anti-virus and/or anti-malware software that is constantly looking for unknown software that can undermine how your computer works. In fact, some of the software is capable of hijacking your computer.

For me, I have always found computers to be a very simple and effective metaphor for us humans

You see, like computers, we have a basic operating system run by our brain. Then as we evolved we start adding software which comes in the form of “beliefs”.

We install these a lot when we’re young. For the most part, they are installed randomly with little conscious thought as to their effectiveness. Yes, what I’m saying is that we humans take more care with a $500 computer than we do with this priceless computer that runs between our ears.

Much of the software that gets installed comes from our family, our surroundings, our society and sadly these days all too often from unknown sources on the Internet.

When asking a question, have you ever challenged your beliefs? Have you ever asked yourself why do I believe this to be true? Or does this belief support me in getting everything that I want in my life?

You see, in our collective unconsciousness, very few people challenge their belief systems. We have a tendency to accept the beliefs that we were raised upon in spite of the fact that our lives are not giving us what we want.

People who are born into wealthy families simply have different beliefs, especially about things like abundance, than people who were born into middle class or poorer families.

Many people start with these amazing dreams of what they want to create in their life and yet never create them. The major cause of this is simply they don’t have the belief systems in place to support wealth, abundance etc.

When we are children we are not capable of discerning the information that comes to us as to whether it’s viable or valid. If the customer’s parents we just accept it. The unfortunate thing is many times children make decisions about the world from a child’s perspective.

I remember a story I read.

There was a woman in her 40s who kept finding herself getting sick and ending up in the hospital.

After working with a counsellor for a while she finally discovered that when she was only a child, about four years old, she unconsciously made a decision that if she got sick, she would get attention from her mother – something she longed for.

That simple belief, made as a child stayed in her mind and unknowingly ran her life.

Starting the Process to Get What You Really Want – (And Deserve)

You need to wake up and become aware Will

To make real changes, you have to start thinking about what you believe. Do your beliefs support success or failure? Do they support you taking massive action, or avoiding taking it at all cost? Do they support you being wealthy, or poor? etc. IF you want to know the answer to these questions, simply look at the results you have created in your life, as this is an indication of your current beliefs.

For most people, our beliefs are unconscious, or we are simply unaware of what we believe. We are so used to our beliefs that we take them for granted. Few people challenge or even think about their beliefs.

Simply if you want to know the answer to these questions, just look around – the results you have are a clear indication of your beliefs

Some beliefs to think about:

The route to Meaningful and Lasting Change

Meaningful change starts with 2 things: Clear goals – What do I want! and honest awareness as to where you are at – what do I believe? that got me here.

My friend, get this process moving by starting by getting very clear about what you what. Dream big, and write it down. give your subconscious mind a clear picture about what you really want.

Then start being a lot more conscious of what you believe and start asking yourself why do I believe this to be true? Where did I get this belief? Does this belief support me to get what I want in my life?”

You deserve the best and its time is NOW!!

Next, start reading about the belief systems of successful people have and then ask yourself do I have a belief that it’s counter to this? read biographies etc.

A good place to start is Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad where he shares the different beliefs of rich and poor people.

Be Safe &

let’s make a different world together!

Paul @ AttainMindset