Use The Healing Power of Gratitude to Empower Your Life

Taking on the Habit of Gratitude Can Transform Your Life and Do It Quickly!

Check out Bruce Liptons Video on the Healing power of Gratitude Below

Recently, we posted about the Healing Power of Gratitude to improve your life. When you can change your thinking and focus on gratitude, it quickly transports you into a new and powerful state of mind.

Quickly, you will find yourself moving away from the negative of day to day living and instead. looking for and focusing on all the good things that are working or happening in your life. This can help to improve your health, your relationships, your overall morale, and improve the overall quality of your life and the life of people around you.

Below is a really good video by Bruce Lipton who speaks about the healing power of gratitude.

At, we are always looking for ways to help you have a great life, many times from releasing what holds us back.

Creating Change

If we want a different result, sometimes we have to look at life differently. A powerful want to change is to take on a Growth Mindset

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Overcoming Energy that Keeps You Stuck

Sometimes we get dragged backward by trapped negative energy that we are unknowingly holding onto. this can keep us stuck and we won’t even know why.

For most of my life, I have always thought that a drawback in our education system is that we get taught what to think, but not how to think.

What most people don’t realize is that the way we think can actually keep us stuck instead of empowering us to have an amazing life.

An easy way to look at the thinking process and its power is to look at the difference between a “Fixed” mindset vs a “Growth” mindset.

A growth mindset helps you to see endless possibilities and view obstacles or setbacks as merely something to overcome. Whereas, a fixed mindset incorporates beliefs that what you have is all you will ever have.

Neither of them is necessarily right. And one empowers you to have more possibilities in your life.

It’s How You Use Your Mind That Counts

How you use your mind has endless possibilities and to achieve the greatness it requires that you try different things to get new results.

Another way is looking at the difference between wealthy people and how they see life differently. All are simply states of mind, a way of looking at the world. Sometimes the way we look at the world keeps us stuck instead of empowering us

You don’t have to continue thinking the way you do, if you don’t have the results you want, maybe it’s time to try something new!.

SOmetimes to change our thinking we need to change the energy behind or thoughts.

while we generally view ourselves as a thinking person or controlled by our conscious thoughts we are also emotional beings. Have you ever had an experience where you got emotionally charged by something and in an instant, your train of thoughts completly changed direction or intensity. Your emotions can do that to you. (Personally, I think our emotions are a lot more powerful than our conscious thoughts.)

Many times we get triggered by random events in our lives that cause old trapped emotions to surface. When they do so, they can bring the emotional intensity of the original experience.

These trapped emotions can bring whole bodies of attached thoughts that can take over your mental processes in an instant. To effectively change your thinking many times it is paramount to release old emotional states by releasing trapped emotions.

This is a great process for doing this: (also check out Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code)

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Its time to Choose Something Better

Enjoy and Create an Amazing Life!

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