Are You A Positive Person? – Take the Test Below and Find Out

Take the Test Below (and Please Answer the Questions Honestly – If You Want A Better Life! )

Would you like to be more positive? Do you understand all of the amazing benefits?

Would your friends and family say you are a positive person, someone who always sees the best in things? Are you the “cup half full” kind of person? Or do you generally always see the worst in people, what’s happening to you, the world, etc.?

Are you a “Positive” Person?

We all have an opinion of ourselves, though, we can be somewhat biased, not to mention be in denial or our shortcomings. Many times our self-focused opinions are not completely accurate, as we can tend towards trying to appease our fragile ego. 

I’m sure we like to think we are positive, though, if you really want to know where you stand, take the simple test at the end of this post and find out.

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The Advantages of Being Positive!

Living life blessed with a positive attitude has many advantages.  In general, you are more fun to be around, hey, especially for the person who needs it the most – yourself.

You can see the glass “half-full” as opposed to “half-empty” You also have the ability to see opportunities where others would miss them. a really important attribute is that you will find it a lot easier to forgive people of their (mostly unintentional) slights and see the good in everyone, even those people who most people would not.

In a perfect world, we would all lean to the positive side.   Wouldn’t that really brighten up the world?

How Most of Us Learned to BE Positive

‘Looking for the good in others is likely something you were taught to do early in your life. In general, as children we learn to keep an open mind, especially we want presents! And the love we all want 🙂

It is likely that when you were really young, your parents, grandparents wanted the best for you. They hopefully taught you to always try to put on a happy face. They tried to get you to see or focus on the bright side of every experience.

Unfortunately This Early Training Doesn’t Always Stick

As the day-to-day pressures of our surroundings and the expectations of others grow as we age, our view of life can change. When looking at life from an adult perspective we can have difficulties applying our conditioned positivity mindset in our day-to-day activities.

Somewhere in the back of our minds, we know that having habits of looking for the good in people and experiences is good for us. It’s better for our health, longevity, relationships and overall well-being. It is so, so much healthier and life-supportive than letting our minds continually mull over things from the past from a negative mindset.

Understanding the Cause and Dangers of Negative Thinking

For a lot of people, negative thinking can be an (ineffective) form of perceived self-protection.

For many people, negative thinking is driven by inner wounds from earlier periods of life Something will trigger a wound a person is coddling and in an instant and old emotions will rise to the surface and distort thinking that only moments before was rational. These wounds could be from early childhood, or during later periods.

Unfortunately, in an instant, when a wound gets triggered, it can turn a person who was happy five minutes before and thinking positively into instantly thinking negatively and seeing the world (and everyone in it) from a much darker perspective. Where only moments before there was nothing but possibilities, instantly there’s nothing but negative thoughts filled with things like blame and seeing the worst in the situation or people. Additionally, when these negative thoughts get expressed they can do a lot of damage and undo a lot of good.

It is so important to nip this in the bud so to speak, as quickly as possible. When you notice your mood shift and your thinking change negatively, know that you’ve triggered an old wound. Also, understand that our thinking will be distorted when we are in this mindset.

Use 2 simple words when you find yourself filled with negative thoughts: “Cancel, Cancel. Do it as quickly as possible and return to your positive thinking.

Unfortunately, people can do a lot of damage when their negative thinking takes over and hurt people that they love and that love them dearly.

This is another reason why it is so, so important to learn to be more positive, especially when you are triggered.

Being Positive Helps us ALOT

Having the ability to see the positive, even in negative experiences, can bring you so much peace and joy to the quality of your life. Another good thing is that positivity can permeate all areas of your life. Positivity is universal. It’s not just about our relationships with people. It’s also about our day-to-day experiences.

If you can see good in people and situations that are different from your values, you may be able to see that little flame of good and potential inside virtually anyone or any situation.  As a result, you can also even view time spent on things that you could consider as “time-wasters” or places where you would rather not be, as having some underlying positive qualities.

It is generally accepted that there was never a person who did not have some good qualities or who did not do some good things in their lives. Additionally, there is never any experience that did not have something good in or closely connected to this experience.  There is always something we can learn, or benefit from, no matter how much we dislike the experience.

Focus on the Positve (Everywhere)

A very important thing to understand is that you focus on the positive, and are diligent in this process. That it will never be in vain! You will find something good, something you can learn and benefit from.  When your (newly developed) habit of looking for the good in others is fully established, SOON, negative thoughts will seldom intrude!

Let’s Illustrate the Advantages of “Finding the Good In (all) Experiences” with a Short Example

A young man (Sam) found himself living in a busy city center. Sam constantly complained that he was unable to get any sleep. Sam complained that the noises, common in most busy cities were 24 hours a day, and it greatly disturbed him.

A friend, who also lived downtown, shared a great strategy. 

They simply suggested changing perspectives.  From that point forward, Sam could view every noise, whatever its character, as a musical note. Sam should try to find the note in each of the various sounds which he heard.

Having nothing to lose,  Sam decided to give it try.

From that point, he abandoned all attempts to go to sleep and instead changed his focus to pursue finding the musical notes from within the busy city street noises below.

Not surprisingly, he slept soundly all night.

Why Was Sam Able to Find the Sound Sleep Now That He Could Not Find In The Past?

The simple explanation is that before this powerful reframe, Sam had always focused on the discordant characteristics of the noises that he heard.

By thinking these thoughts, he enlarged his focus and concentration on negative thinking. In turn, this kept him awake, night after night.

Now, in his search for the musical notes, Sam quickly lost sight of the disturbing negative conditions and fell asleep because the discord of the noises no longer disturbed him. Sam simply let his mind change focus and he quickly got the desired result.

We Simply Need to Change Our Mind’s Focus to Quickly Change Our Quality of Life (and likley that of those around us 🙂 🙂 )

The search for the good in others and experiences is one of the best methods for substituting negative thinking with positive, congruent thinking.

A word of advice, do not limit your attempt to search for the good only ‘at the moment’. What I mean is, when you are having a negative experience or with a negative person, don’t go “oh yeah, I have to look for the good in people and experiences.”

Instead, consider looking for the good as a ‘life work’ or life mission and do it constantly. Do it as if your life depends on it, as it likely does!!! Work quickly and diligently to eliminate negative thoughts ASAP and watch your life improve.


When you are able to change your thinking so that you always ‘look for the good’ in people, in experiences, you will quickly discover that your life will shine brighter and brighter!

So It’s Time For The Truth – TAKE THIS SIMPLE TEST!

Take this simple test to discover more about yourself and your conditioned thinking.

With increased awareness, you can make needed changes and greatly improve your life.

Your positive thinking is a simple format developed for self-analysis of your personality, your outlook and your attitude. Please answer questions honestly! This test is only for your eyes.

Then (and quickly) use the results for your own benefit and if necessary, for making needed updates to your thinking process in order to have a much better life.

To find out how positive you are, answer the following questions as honestly as you can using this scoring system: Then go back and score your answers.

Assign Points To Your Answers

Put your score in the block on the right: ____________________________

Here we go!!

My Score [      ]

Results – If The Sum of All of The Question Scores Are:

Above 55: Consider yourself a positivity superstar – you are someone whose optimism is powerful and can make a huge difference in the world. You are an amazing healing force for humanity.

50 – 55: Excellent Score! You are definitely a genuine positive thinker. This is a huge benefit to you, your family, and the world around you! Way to go!!

45 – 50: Good. You are a positive thinker, OK at least sometimes

40 – 45: Fair. Your positive side and your negative side are about the same. You can go either way. This can work against you, especially in times when you really need it.  

Below 40: Good for you for answering honestly! SO, you tend to be (too) pessimistic.

Unfortunately, this is or will work against you. It can negatively affect many areas of your life.

It is definitely time to think of and focus on ways to improve your pessimistic thinking in order to become more positive. You will be the main beneficiary of this change.  


No Matter what your score is, but especially if was in the lower range, start to pay way more attention to your thinking. Be aware that you can change it, it just

Most of your thinking processes were learned (accidentally) especially when you were very young. KNOW that YOU CAN change them, especially now that you are more aware!

Begin to constantly ask yourself,

“What is the best thing about this situation?”

“What can I learn here that will help me to be a better person?

What 3 things that I am grateful for right now?

” How can I see this situation differently?

Also, develop your own internal questions that resonate with you in order to to help you develop a positive attitude!

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Good luck in having a wonderful, positive life. Change the world for the better!

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